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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] LC packaging

Thank you for this mock-up Jon.  I confirm that we will provide the 
ASN.1 content ASAP after stability of the main material.

John L

Jon Bosak wrote:
> Hello CSC and LCSC,
> Following today's LCSC call, I've made another pass through the
> proposed packaging for the next review of LC (which I am proposing
> to call "Universal Business Language -- Part 2. Library Content").
> As before, the idea here is to conform as closely as possible to
> ISO/IEC document preparation directives while making it as easy as
> possible for everyone to continue their work and as easy as
> possible to roll up a package for distribution.
> Since everyone else is working their buns off getting the content
> right, I am (if no one objects) volunteering to do the actual
> packaging for Part 2.  This will also give me a much better idea
> of our status as we head into this review cycle.  My current plan
> is as follows:
>  - Observe all the ISO/IEC document naming and ordering
>    guidelines.
>  - Publish Part 2 as an HTML file that contains the main text
>    files but simply links to all the spreadsheets, schemas, and
>    class diagrams.
>  - Put a version of this on the LCSC site with links to document
>    pieces located on the site.
>  - Generate another version of this consisting of a zip file
>    containing the referenced spreadsheets etc. together with a
>    version of the HTML file that points to those files rather than
>    to the files on the web site in order to make the whole package
>    as easy as possible to download and install locally.
> I've attached revised mockups of both the site-specific and local
> versions of Part 2.  As before, the URLs in the site-specific
> version (part2.htm) don't actually correspond to anything
> currently on the web site, but they indicate one way we could
> reference the pieces.  The local version (part2loc.zip) is only
> partially populated, using whatever drafts were handy this
> morning, but it gives an idea of what a reviewer will experience
> in downloading and installing the review package.  Please unzip
> the local version (part2loc.zip) into a test directory, point a
> browser at part2loc.htm, and tell me what you think.
> Jon

    Prof John Larmouth
    Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
    (Training and Protocol Development Services)
    1 Blueberry Road
    Bowdon                               j.larmouth@salford.ac.uk
    Cheshire WA14 3LS                    Tel: +44 161 928 1605
    England				Fax: +44 161 928 8069

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