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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] LC packaging

Hello CSC and LCSC,

Following today's LCSC call, I've made another pass through the
proposed packaging for the next review of LC (which I am proposing
to call "Universal Business Language -- Part 2. Library Content").
As before, the idea here is to conform as closely as possible to
ISO/IEC document preparation directives while making it as easy as
possible for everyone to continue their work and as easy as
possible to roll up a package for distribution.

Since everyone else is working their buns off getting the content
right, I am (if no one objects) volunteering to do the actual
packaging for Part 2.  This will also give me a much better idea
of our status as we head into this review cycle.  My current plan
is as follows:

 - Observe all the ISO/IEC document naming and ordering

 - Publish Part 2 as an HTML file that contains the main text
   files but simply links to all the spreadsheets, schemas, and
   class diagrams.

 - Put a version of this on the LCSC site with links to document
   pieces located on the site.

 - Generate another version of this consisting of a zip file
   containing the referenced spreadsheets etc. together with a
   version of the HTML file that points to those files rather than
   to the files on the web site in order to make the whole package
   as easy as possible to download and install locally.

I've attached revised mockups of both the site-specific and local
versions of Part 2.  As before, the URLs in the site-specific
version (part2.htm) don't actually correspond to anything
currently on the web site, but they indicate one way we could
reference the pieces.  The local version (part2loc.zip) is only
partially populated, using whatever drafts were handy this
morning, but it gives an idea of what a reviewer will experience
in downloading and installing the review package.  Please unzip
the local version (part2loc.zip) into a test directory, point a
browser at part2loc.htm, and tell me what you think.


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