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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Modified Schemas and Perl-Script

Title: Modified Schemas and Perl-Script

Hello Tim,

you will find a zip-file as an attached file with the following files:
--> config_UBL.xml (configuration file for the Perl-Script)
--> CoreComponentTypes.xsd (modified schema of core component types)
--> EXXML.pl (Perl-Script itself)
--> ubl.bat (little batch file for call up the Perl-Script with all parameters)
--> UBL_Reusable_04.xls
--> UBL_Reusable_04.xsd

I made the following modifications:

I added the secondary representation term "name" as an additional complexType.

--> I changed all representation terms into "name" from all BBIEs, which has the property term "name".
--> I fixed the "BBIE Contact. E-mail. Text" within the ASBIE "Contact. Details". It missed the occurence and the acronym "BBIE". I guess, this was the mistake of Contact.E-mail.

--> The ABIE "Foreign Exchange_ Contract. Details" or "Contract. Details" still missing. Because the ASBIE "ForeignExchangeContract" within the schema refers to the type "ForeignExchangeContract" and this does not exist.

--> the generation of the ccts-element within the annotation was wrong. I modified the perl-script and generated a new schema. You will find it as file UBL_Reusable_04.xsd. For my feeling, the annotations are OK, now.

Kind regards,



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