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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Modified Schemas and Perl-Script

Gunther and Mike,

Please find attached the latest (hopefully final) set of spreadsheets and schemas.

A few comments to go on our change log for the spreadsheets....

Reusable Types
Stuhec, Gunther wrote:
Modified Schemas and Perl-Script

Hello Tim,

you will find a zip-file as an attached file with the following files:
--> config_UBL.xml (configuration file for the Perl-Script)
--> CoreComponentTypes.xsd (modified schema of core component types)
--> EXXML.pl (Perl-Script itself)
--> ubl.bat (little batch file for call up the Perl-Script with all parameters)
--> UBL_Reusable_04.xls
--> UBL_Reusable_04.xsd

I made the following modifications:

I added the secondary representation term "name" as an additional complexType.

--> I changed all representation terms into "name" from all BBIEs, which has the property term "name".

Mike, Please note in change log.

--> I fixed the "BBIE Contact. E-mail. Text" within the ASBIE "Contact. Details". It missed the occurence and the acronym "BBIE". I guess, this was the mistake of Contact.E-mail.

Gunther was are right.  the spreadsheet for re-usable types has no occurrence or BBIE - we have added them. (row 126)

--> The ABIE "Foreign Exchange_ Contract. Details" or "Contract. Details" still missing. Because the ASBIE "ForeignExchangeContract" within the schema refers to the type "ForeignExchangeContract" and this does not exist.

There was an error in the some of the spreadsheet formula, e.g. PaymentTerms.Settlement Period (row 441) causing the script to not generate the complexType - i have corrected the formula (it was using the aggregate.details formula in some cases for column 'L' ).

This was also a problem with Foreign Exchange_Contract. Details (row 219) but it did not fix the problem of generating the complexType (aaagh!!).  I struggled with this but it confounded me. Rather than lose more time I have manually created the complexType for Foreign Exchange_Contract. Details.  this means we cannot auto generate a new Reusable XSD schema (until someone fixes the bug).

--> the generation of the ccts-element within the annotation was wrong. I modified the perl-script and generated a new schema. You will find it as file UBL_Reusable_04.xsd. For my feeling, the annotations are OK, now.

Kind regards,



Overall there were several inconsistencies in the spreadsheet's use of formula.  column cells that in some ASBIEs referenced other values and sometimes were explicitly defined. ABIE columns that were sometime empty and sometimes conatined 'details', formulas using 'DateTime' rather than 'Date Time', etc..  Using OpenOffice picked these up as it saves different values for 'null' formulas and i was getting these in my XSD results.  We are now consistent (if not correct) in the way we apply formulae.

Order Response
I globally changed Order Item to Order Line.

I have run the perl script (which I have not changed) to produce the attached schemas.  They all validate (with XML Spy) and appear logically consistent..

It looks like you fixed the previous errors - well done Gunther...

Now we need the NDR team to tell us whether the attached XSDs are compliant with the rules.  If we get this response in the next 24 hours we can start moving with the dependent tasks.

tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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