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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] FW: Draft of Release Notes Text for Global-Local

Here's the item promised today for the release notes.  

>A Note on Global Element Declarations 
>The current release conforms with the existing NDR rule which states that
>all elements will be globally declared.  The issue of global versus local
>element declarations, although decided by NDR, is being revisited at the
>request of a minority group within NDR.  It is possible that the existing
>global declaration rule may be changed in the future.  For those wishing to
>learn more about the issues surrounding this debate, please see the UBL TC
>section on the OASIS website.
>In this release, the globally-elements have no documentation in their
>declarations: the use of these elements within each type declaration is 
>documented. Global elements that appear in the UBL Library will be 
>fully documented for future releases, both where they are used within 
>types, and independently where they are declared.

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