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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Marion's minor comments on HTML and release doc

Comments from Marion - Sat Jan 25

Almost all of these are minor comments and most have already been pointed
out.  I'm describing the HTML as of Sat 6:05 PM

I would still invite those who available to make sure the release note is
still accurate.


My plan is to take another look at the complete packaging tomorrow before
the Super Bowl.

A. Release Note

1. "Those interested in further understanding of the anticipated extension
methodology should see the white papers found at the naming and Design
Rules section of the UBL portal (www.oasis-open.org). "

You might consider giving the full pointer to NDRSC



1. Pointers need to be selectively changed to relative links for
downloadable file.  Note: This is a little more than search and replace,
since we need to maintain qualified links to non-UBL references.

Example Section 2 Normative References. Most should be full HTTP. Should
NDR white papers in the "release" directory be on download file?

2. Link to download file not yet active

3. Links to B.2 and B.3 not yet active

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