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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Stylesheets delivered to Lisa; interesting imageattached

I, for one, am amazed and what is now being produced.  Ken's work is really the first UBL application and its results show the value of all the effort UBL has put in.  Obviously, we have work to do, but to see such artifacts is a great encouragement.

Thanks Ken, for giving us such positive re-inforcement.

G. Ken Holman wrote:
Hi folks,

I've just delivered the latest stylesheet library to Lisa for inclusion on the UBL web site.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an appropriate home in the package for the attached image, but I thought the image would be of mild interest to the group.

In Lisa's package is a JAR version of Crane's UBL stylesheet library's XSLT stylesheets.  The JAR was created by "Gregor", the XSLT compiler that reads W3C compliant XSLT stylesheets and bundles in a processor and supplemental requirements (invocation, etc.).  The founder of Ambrosoft http://www.ambrosoft.com Jacek Ambroziak, was very generous to donate his time and technology to this project to create the standalone Java implementation of Crane's stylesheets.

The biggest design goal of Gregor is to run small and fast everywhere from servers to small platforms such as handheld devices, though this UBL project illustrates the use of Gregor to create standalone XSLT stylesheet environments: a single indivisible JAR with 23 embedded stylesheets invoked by the stylesheet name.

This means that a user can perform the transformations using their local Java environment and the JAR without having to obtain an outboard XSLT processor.

Mixing these benefits provided by Gregor, you also get all these stylesheets on a handheld, and the attached image shows the Zaurus Linux-based handheld displaying our sample UBL Order instance through our 220 Order stylesheet producing HTML:  the UBL processing is happening *on* the handheld, not just viewing the results processed elsewhere.

This JAR will be part of the 0p70 directory when Lisa unpacks my latest delivery, and we'll have another one with the release-time stylesheets on Wednesday.

I hope you find this image interesting.

................... Ken

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