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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Questions re: mappings

Thank you, Tim, for the mappings that you gave in:


Some observations and questions:

(1) Order

(1.1) - each of Transport Charges, Terms of Payment, Currency of Payment, 
and Buyer's Bank allow more than one entry but there is only a single line 
in the form.  I can space delimit the items so they appear on the one line, 
but overflow will be clipped.  If I signal an error on the overflow, 
formatting shuts down.  If I clip, the user won't know.  There are no 
guidelines regarding continuation pages for this item, and even if so I 
would be unable to overflow more than a single concept, which for now is 
the list of line items.

(1.2) - in the absence of continuation forms, I've been using both a page 
number top right and an enumeration in the line items; I'd like to continue 
using the enumeration for now, so I suggest that we have:

      1 of 10


      1 of 10

... since I've allocated two lines per line item.  Can you suggest an 

(1.3) - for Terms of Payment the XPath address you gave 
as  po:Order/cat:AllowanceCharge/cat:TypeCodeID is not found in the set of 
available XPath addresses

(1.4) - the sample test instance you made from Sally's data has only five 
visible entries; the teleconference group asked me to summarize some of the 
technical issues and I have done so in:


(2) DespatchAdvice

(2.1) - each of Mode of transport and Means of transport allow more than 
one entry but there is only a single line in the form; please see the 
discussion above in 1.1

(2.2) Container Nr: allows more than one, I can put each on individual 
lines, though more would fit if I wrapped space delimited values; which way 
to go and what about overflow?

(3) Invoice

(3.1) - Invoice clauses: did you want these each to start on a new line and 
to be enumerated as in (1), (2), ... or (a), (b), ...?

(3.2) - in Sally's Order instance that you massaged, is the Terms of 
Delivery information supposed to be split into a reference rendered in 
"Terms of Delivery" and prose rendered in "Invoice Clauses"?  If so, how 
would the arbitrary numbering accommodate the unnumbered clauses identified 
in the spec for invoices?

Faxed mockups of sample field displays may be more easily created than 
trying to mock up layouts in software (my fax number is in my trailer).

Thanks again, Tim!  I make quick progress when these formatting 
specification documents are filled out.  With the above you now know the 
additional kinds of information I'm looking for regarding layout.

...................... Ken

Upcoming hands-on in-depth   Europe:         February 17-21, 2003
XSLT/XPath and/or XSL-FO     North America:      June 16-20, 2003

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