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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] RE: [ubl-ndrsc] Tiny UBL Extension Example

This has nothing to do with ur-schema.  I simply took our actual 0p70 (that
does _not_ embody the ur-schema concepts) and I did a simple extension using
XSD derivation.

A question arose during the latest local/global discussions. (We're
considering adding to the SC charter, a clause requiring all meetings to
begin and end with such a discussion -- kind of like the prayer in Congress
or the Pledge of Allegiance in first-grade)  Anyway, the concern was that
perhaps now that we're using global elements, then the expected sort of
subtyping wouldn't work.  The example proves the concern unfounded --
subtyping works just fine.

So I'd say this is just an example of "manual extension" of 0p70.  And
that's good in itself I guess.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim McGrath [mailto:tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au] 
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 2:56 AM
To: Burcham, Bill
Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Tiny UBL Extension Example

thanks bill - it is heartening that as we start to focus on the 
context/extension methodology we can see the mechanics falling into 
place.  it also helps us in the LC group to see how the technology works.

do i take it from this example that you are now happy with the ur-schema 

Burcham, Bill wrote:

>(cc-in LCSC since I know they're grappling with manual extension now 
>Here's an example of a simple extension of the UBL 0p70 vocabulary.  
>I've defined a schema module that defines the namespace "third-party".  
>That schema imports the UBL Common Aggregate Types schema and defines 
>an extension to AddressType.  The new (sub)type defined in 
>"third-party" is called MyAddressType.
>I've included two XML instances -- the first, order-ubl.xml is a valid 
>UBL Order.  The second, order-third-party.xml replaces one of the 
>addresses in the order with an instance of MyAddressType.  That 
>instance is also a valid UBL Order -- but of course also includes the 
>"third-party" schema.  Here's the locality of change:
>		<cat:Address xsi:type="p3:MyAddressType">
>			<cat:ID>token</cat:ID>
>... The rest of the Address content (as defined by UBL) ...
>			<cat:Country>
>				<cat:Code>token</cat:Code>
>			</cat:Country>
>			<p3:MySpecialStuff>hello</p3:MySpecialStuff>
>		</cat:Address>
>At the end of the content model you see the added element 
>"MySpecialStuff". This all looks reasonable to me and addresses the 
>concern I had earlier in the meeting (look ma -- a pun!).  The 
>extension schema is nice and short too
>-- only 13 lines!

tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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