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Subject: RE: [ubl-lcsc] Alan Stitzer Comments on DateTime

On the whole I agree with Gunther. But I do not agree with the summary
in Tim's note where it talks about Periodicity/Recurrent - I'm not sure
of the actual source - whether it's Tim or Alan.
It says:-

The 'Particular Point of Date and/or Time' is (a.)
The 'Duration' is (b.)
The 'Period' is either a combination of (a.) + (b.), (a.) + (a.) or
(b.) + (a.)
The 'Periodicity/Recurrent'  is either:
- a series of (a.) within a (b.)
- a series of (Period) within a (b.)
- a series of (a.) within a (Period)
- a series of (b.) within a (Period)
which seems to imply we need to define only expressions for (a.) and

To my mind Periodicity needs more than just a series of (a) or (b)
- it may be unbounded, i.e. with no start, end or duration specified
- it may be bounded, i.e. with a start or end or duration in
Those are the 'bounds': then there are the 'occurrences'
- dates as such do not figure as occurrences: that's just a list of
- 'events' e.g. day names, 1st week or e.g. 15th day of the month do
figure, and I think these are conceptually different to 'date'. One
might need an 'occurrence period', e.g. Tuesday-to-Thursday, 15th-18th.
- I think 'time' might appear connected with 'event', e.g. making
"10:00hrs every Tuesday", and that this might be a time period, e.g.
10:00-to-13:00 every Tuesday.

Any more thoughts, everyone?

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