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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] examples of the use of containers and heads

Hi all

[Would Chee-Kai, say, mind forwarding this to NDR SC ready for the Tuesday joint call. Thanks.]

I was given the action at the last LCSC call of creating some examples of how I interpreted the NDR rules concerning heads of documents and containers for document lines (or any 1..n entities). 

I believe that the reason for these containers is to allow (very importantly) implementers to extract well-formed XML fragments of such groups of multiple entities - that is, with a single fragment root. Without the container around the lines, say, the group of lines, if isolated from the rest of the document during the xml processing, would not have one single root and so might be harder to manipulate in memory, depending on how the XML was being handled. Fragments are now quite important in the handling of XML.

A few issues arose as I created modified schemas and then instances with the containers included. The main one was that there are only a few containers for the lines and just one which isn't for 'document lines' as such (the Despatch Advice's OrderedItemIdentification which is a rather interesting one to cope with and may require some discussion). 

Another main issue was the impact the changes have on the ccts:ABIE attributes and therefore on the need to modify the model. I just guessed at these changes.

I've only included a few actual instance examples but have also included my version of schemas (everything has '_containers' appended, including the schema location declarations).

I'm having to rush these out so folk have time to look at them before Tuesday: we're starting to get powercuts here so I daren't spend much longer on these today (I risk losing the work).

For those interested, I hope to soon finish the sample instances for the as yet missing documents.

All the best

Stephen Green

examples of inclusion of containers.zip

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