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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] [code] First code list teleconference tomorrow 2003-08-14 11:00EDT/8:00PDT/15:00Z

It seems it will be hard to get everyone into a teleconference, so I 
will put my bit in via the list....

I see the charter of this groups as:   "How UBL deals with codes", 
divided into 3 parts

Part One:
Identifying and documenting appropriate code sets. (LCSC issues)
(includes requirements for additional meta data (such as FP))
- dealing with alternative code sets
- mandating or recommendations

Part Two:
Building XSD representations of code sets (NDR issues)
- annotation/documentation/appinfo
- reference to external schemas

Part Three:
Implementation and maintenance of code sets (LCSC/Liaison issue)
- synchronising
- editing
- publishing

We should not spend all our time on Part Two - we need parts one and 
three to understand the problems that part two is supposed to be solving.

G. Ken Holman wrote:

> Hello all code list task group members,
> Please be aware our first teleconference is tomorrow 2003-08-14 
> 11:00EDT/8:00PDT/15:00Z ... I had hoped we might cover this in one 
> two-hour call, but perhaps not.
> Here is the original call for participation:
>   http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200308/msg00001.html
> Perhaps someone could help me before tomorrow's meeting, because I'm 
> confused about the use of code list enumeration validation in the 
> draft UBL document models as they exist today.  I thought we were 
> doing validation already, but I note in my first attempt to track what 
> may be there the following as an example:
>   (1) - the order sample instances include currencyID="GBP" for
>         <PriceAmount>
>   (2) - the reusable schema fragment states <PriceAmount> is of type
>         cct:AmountType
>   (3) - the core components types fragment states currencyID for
>         AmountType is a simple xsd:token
> So, I'm guessing code lists aren't yet being used for validation.  Is 
> this consistent with expectations for the current versions of the 
> schemas?
> I hope someone in the meeting might have some insights here.
> Thanks!
> ..................... Ken
> p.s. mail list discussion of code list issues is on the LCSC mail 
> list, with message subjects prefixed with [code] ... I will be sending 
> a copy of this message to all people who sent me mail privately, so I 
> apologize in advance for duplication
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