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Subject: xsd:documentation vs xsd:appinfo

I think it is about time to start thinking seriously
about moving data values out of existing xsd:documentation
and into xsd:appinfo.

I understand during yesterday's LC call that FP's 
code list team is looking into where to store their 
metadata, and an outcome will "decide" to some extent
where the values go.  But I also understand that FP's
set of metadata relates to presentational metadata,
whereas existing <ccts:Component> data values relate
to modeling and object class metadata.   Both are
metadata (and so are data instead of documentation),
but used at different times in different areas.

It is a stated guide for UBL to follow recommendations
and usage guidelines from W3C.  And XML Schema's
xsd:appinfo is created precisely for the purpose of
storing data that usually machines/apps would need,
thus "appinfo".  Why are we choosing to be the odd one
out by storing data into "documentation" instead?

I earlier heard some summarised points of arguments
supporting the storage of data values in "documentation"
for some security reasons.  I could have heard wrongly,
but security was quoted as the reason, that storing
data in "documentation" is "safer" than storing data
in "appinfo".   I'd like to suggest that we don't lose 
focus on the proper usage of the "appinfo" mechanism 
over reasons that are not going to be solved by moving
to "doucmentation" anyway.    

This is by no means to say that security is not an issue,
but rather, a debate over security safety levels between
"documentation" and "appinfo" is really an XML Schema 
specification issue that is not going to reach any 
resolution within UBL.  And as long as we say we should
follow W3C recommendations, application info ought to
go into "appinfo";  I didn't see any debate being even
necessary here, but perhaps on how the structure of elements
should look within "appinfo".

So, I'd like to hear if there's any further counter-remarks,
or remarks on other perspectives that are in favor of
data being stored in "documentation".  Please raise them
soon.  I've made replies go to FPSC list since that's
where the code list discussion on where presentational metadata
should go is happening.


Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai
Tel: +65-6820-2979
Fax: +65-6743-7875
Email: cheekai@SoftML.Net

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