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Subject: Sun SF location info update [was Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes from 27August (Corrected)]


A slight correction on the Sun building address from what I stated 
It is:

Sun building SFO06
631 Howard, Suite 400 (fourth floor), 94106

1/2 block West of 2nd Street.

To reach the receptionist (in case you have trouble finding the building)
you can call 415-972-0500.


Lisa-Aeon wrote:

>1. Roll call and welcome by the chair (Lisa)
>Attendance:  Lisa Seaburg, Anne Hendry, Paul Thorpe, Mike Grimley, Stephen
>Green, Jon Bosak, Sue Probert, Mavis Cournane, Gunther Stuhec, Mark
>Crawford, Tony Coates
>Next Face to Face is Nov 3 - 7 in San Francisco.  The address is 635 Howard
>Street, San Francisco.  Start making your arrangements early, there should
>be lots of good hotel deals.
>2.  Adoption of agenda/schedule planning
>Upcoming Call Schedule:
>Aug 27 - Lisa
>Sept 2 - Tim(Joint with LCSC)
>Sept 3 - Mark (Joint with LCSC)
>Sept 10 - Mavis (Review Schema from LCSC this week)
>Sept 17 - Lisa (Mark to hand over NDR document to Mavis and Lisa)
>Sept 24 - Mark
>Oct 1 - Mavis
>Oct 8 - Lisa
>Oct 15 - Mark
>Oct 22 - Mavis
> AI:  Get in touch with Mark and find out status of Draft of the NDR
> AI:  Reviewed by the NDR SC
>In our joint meeting next week, we need to align NDR and LC ideas about
>The finished NDR document needs to be finished in time for the release.
>Schema validation needs the checklist.
>Next weeks discussion needs to go through anything that is not resolved.
>We need to select a date that the document needs to be published by, to help
>our editor with something to work for.
>AI:  We need to get the editing of the document clearly stated.  We think
>right now that the work done was the rules were pulled out of the document
>for the checklist, the checklist has been gone through and then they were
>going to be back into the places that they were coming out of.
>3. Discussion of CCTs types (token versus string) and others.  This was
>something that came up in the LCSC call, that they felt belonged with NDR,
>Stephen Green will help get this discussion started.
> Email from Stephen Green:
> Just by way of introduction to item 3
> > 3. Discussion of CCTs types (token versus string) and others.  This was
> > something that came up in the LCSC call, that they felt belonged with
> > Stephen Green will help get this discussion started.
> At present all the UBL 'Identifiers' (in the business model sense) are
>based on Core Component types which are themselves based on xsd:token.
> When we added, at eGov request, the GUID to the models, I chose for it the
>Core Component type 'Text' since this was based on xsd:string and I wasn't
>sure about the use of xsd:token for something like a GUID. Discussions of
>this at the Montreal face-to-face revealed that there are actually
>uncertainties about the appropriateness of xsd:token for any identifier
>(such as an ID which is actually an Order Number or Invoice Number). It was
>found that xsd:token restricts a string to exclude, most importantly, white
>space. Now the feeling is that no such restriction is acceptable for an ID.
>For instance, a business may require that an order number have certain
>characters (perhaps representing some business meaning) at certain positions
>within it. This might involve some need to preserve white space if that data
>does not always have the same length. In general, white space may carry
>business meaning or information in any particular ID.
> This raises the matter that the appropriateness of all the chosen Core
>Components should be reviewed concerning their base types.
> The GUID is probably the only ID that should be a identifier.  All other
>identifiers will possibly have white space and so need to be something to
>allow this.
> Discussion:
> GS:  We could use "normalized string" it allows you to put more than one
>whitespace between the value spaces."  It does not drop off leading white
> Normalized string means that is does not drop off spaces.
> So we will use the xsd:normalized string instead of xsd:token
> We also need to look at the other CCT types: code is one to look at.
>4. Review NDR Rules Checklist.  Where we are and Next Steps.
> Week 9 (8/27) Editing of NDR Doc, checklist of available to LCSC.
> Week 8 (9/3) Editing of NDR Doc, checklist of available to LCSC.
> Week 7 (9/10) Cleaned up version of rules with new numbers assigned to
>groups with some narrative before Mark leaves for TC154.
> Week 6 (9/17) Full narrative draft of document to NDRSC.
> Week 5 (9/24) Start review with NDR Doc.
> Week 4 (10/1) Start review with LCSC of NDR Doc.
> Week 3 (10/8) NDR Doc review by SC
> Week 2 (10/15) NDR Doc review by SC
> Week 1 (10/22) NDR Doc review by SC
> Week 0 (10/29) Release on Friday
>5. SubCommittee Reports
> LCSC Report (Stephen or Anne) -
>  They are working on getting schema out, draft 8 will have 3 versions to
>get the containership thing sorted out.  Still bits and pieces to tie up.
>There are still open action items.  Finished the Core Components submission.
>  The container reports will be available to the NDR group. and contain 3
>examples of the invoice for joinery.
>  We still need to work through the namespace/functional area issue, this
>has been pushed aside because of other work going on.  This should be added
>to the agenda for the joint call.
>  Issues that need to be tied up:
>   Containership
>   Codelists
>   Packages - namespaces/functional grouping
>   CCT
>   Extra modeling things: reducing plurals
>   Review of NDRs to make sure we are following them.
> QA LCSC Packaging Report (Lisa or Marion)
> Overview of directory structure:
>  UBLv1_alpha
>    xml (examples): Stephen Green, Bill Meadows
>    xsd (schema):  Chee-Kai Chin
>    sss (spreadsheets): Tim McGrath
>    uml (models): Tim McGrath
>    fs (formatting specs, samples): Ken Holman
>     include external links to implementations
>    asn (ASN from Paul and John): Paul
>    bin (perls scripts and tools): Chee-Kai Chin, Gunther Stuhec
>    index.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg
>    releasenotes.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg
> Codelist Work Group -
>  None, Gunther is working on a paper.  There has been discussion of
>responsibilities of who is doing what.
>  AI (Mark/Jon): Lets share with NDRSC the list from the CSC call.
> Tools Report (Chee-Kai or Gunther)
>  Perl script is still being worked on.  Big issue is the codelist work,
>which is still behind.
>  We have two different tools outputting schema.  Both are working.  These
>should be identical or we have a problem.
>  The two things holding the work back are codelists and containers.  Until
>this is all sorted out, we have several working versions of the tools
>outputting different types of containers.  This needs to be resolved next
> Context Methodology Report (Eduardo)
>  Mavis spoke with Eduardo, we have some rules that seems to belong to the
>Context Methodology.
> Forms SC -
>  Stephen, they didn't have a meeting last week and are pushing to catch up.
>They are not waiting until codelist is finally sorted, they will be trying
>to generate specs.  Containers will be involved.
>6.  Other Business
>7.  Adjourn
>Next NDRSC teleconference call is September 3, 2003  (This is a joint call
>with LCSC, this is joint for discussion of containership.)
>Lisa Seaburg
>AEON Consulting
>Website: http://www.aeon-llc.com
>Email:  lseaburg@aeon-llc.com
>Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
>Phone: 662-562-7676
>Cellphone: 662-501-7676
>"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."
>                       -Katharine Hepburn
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