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Subject: [QA] Minutes from 29 August

Minutes for 29 August 2003 QA Team

1. Welcome from Team Leader (Lisa).

Attend: Monica Martin, Lisa Seaburg, Anne Hendry, Ken Holman, Chee-Kai Chin,
Jon Bosak, Bill Meadows.

2. Review of Package and update on naming. - This is stable and shouldn't
change much between now and release.

 Overview of directory structure:
    xml (examples): Stephen Green, Bill Meadows
    xsd (schema):  Chee-Kai Chin
    sss (spreadsheets): Tim McGrath
    uml (models): Tim McGrath
    fs (formatting specs, samples): Ken Holman
     include external links to implementations
    asn (ASN from Paul and John): Paul
    bin (perls scripts and tools): Chee-Kai Chin, Gunther Stuhec
    index.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg
    releasenotes.html (Lisa Editor): Lisa Seaburg

3. Status from Package Owners

4.  Review Index.html and ReleaseNotes.html files (attached)
    These files are rough drafts, I took the old files and started from
there.  We need to decide some structure here, do we create sections for
each directory (ie, xsd, xml, sss), or do we put them in Appendices?

        1.0 Scope
        2.0 Normative References
        3.0 ...etc.

AI:  Lisa to work on outline for the Index.html file before Friday.  Will
send out email when done.  Sent.

AI:  Jon to get dates for release Oct 31 - Dec 12, 2003 (which is 6 weeks)??

We need to submit early February, so we need to have time to collect

Section 5 which is the Business Scenario document, has this been updated?
There is some use information here also.  Add the old version back in and
find updated version and insert.

Are we writing a User Guide?  Section 5 is not the User Guide.

The writing tasks include
 User Guide
 stuff that is not context.

Do each of the annex sections correspond to a directory?

 Each of the identified file types has there very own annex (directory)

 Supplemental materials will be in Annex D as before.

    xml (examples) - Annex C
    xsd (schema) - Annex B.3
    sss (spreadsheets) - Annex C.1
    uml (models) - Annex C.2
    fs (formatting specs, samples) - Annex D.4
    asn (ASN) - Annex D.3
    bin (perls scripts and tools) - Annex D.5??

This is not set up the way I want it yet.  By next week I am hoping to have
this figured out.  Lisa.

5. & 6. Reviewing Milestones for Packaging Team, Review of 1.0 Schedule

 Week 9 - draft of the index
 Week 8 - model and xsd schema
 Week 7 -
 Week 6 -
 Week 5 - finalizing schema, draft of FAQ (Anne)
 Week 4 - documentation, sample instances (FPSC)
 Week 3 - finalize documentation, instances are being reviewed. (FPSC)
 Week 2 - Review - (FPSC), (ASN)
 Week 1 - Review - (FPSC), (ASN)
 Week 0 - Release

7. FAQ Report (Anne) - still gathering,

Will this be delivered with this Release?  Should this be attached to the

Is this going to be something on the website....

Anne's thoughts:  We have the FAQ on the website attached to the LCSC page.
This is for anyone who is looking for information.  We try to make this
simple and clear, give links to information within FAQ.

We can also put the link for the FAQ in the Release Index file.

8. Other Business - none

10. Next meeting
 Friday 5 Sept 2004 8:00am PDT

Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
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                       -Katharine Hepburn

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