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Subject: [Fwd: Re: ubl lcsc codelist catalogue]

  Here is the first draft of the code list catalogue with some comments 
from Ken
to start things off.  -Anne

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: ubl lcsc codelist catalogue
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 08:34:50 -0400
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
To: anne.hendry@sun.com
References: <>

Good morning, Anne!  Thank you for sending this.  Sorry to keep you up so 
late last night!

At 2003-09-08 22:16 -0700, you wrote:
>I've taken the list of code lists from Tim's previous email and put them into
>a spreadsheet with columns for the info we decided we needed to track.

Great!  I think this straw-man could have gone to the list to get more 
input from others.

>Now, since Tim originally divided his code lists into three categories (btw,
>I decided to call what we were calling types (placebo, etc) 'categories'.

In an earlier email to you I recommended the use of "definition" perhaps as 
in "code list definition files" or "code list definition schema fragments" 
to distinguish these files from "code list adjunct files".

>The groups
>(oh, here's another good term for the 'placebo', 'standard', etc - groupings)

But unfortunately they aren't grouped any more if the end user decides to 
mix and match a few privates with a few stock and a few placebo.

I see the required adjective as being singular to the individual file 
rather than to the collection as delivered, since the collection will be 

>as Tim originally defined them are separated by those yellow/peach lines.
>Then I put the groupings/categories' (I think the first order of business 
>be to decide on a term for this!)

:{)}  Please think again about how you feel calling these the "placebo code 
list definition schema", "standard code list definition schema", "stock 
code list definition schema" and "private-use code list definition 
schema".  We could then use "stock code list adjunct file" and "private-use 
code list adjunct file" for the one we deliver and the one created by the user.

>that you had defined with the codelist team
>full definitions from your minutes are at the bottom of the spreadsheet,
>since I think there will need to be some legend down there.

Works for me.

>Or, we may
>just need a short document/chapter on codelists in the overall release 

I think that came up in the last LCSC teleconference: the need for a 
descriptive "what do you find in the box" document, if not an actual user 

>So there's nothing else here except the code names and columns, but I thought
>it woudl at least be a place to start.  I've attached both .sxc and ..xls, 
>since I'm
>not sure which flavor you prefer.

I found in my attachment directory a .sxc and a corrupted .doc file.

>In the future I'll only send one if you tell me
>which one!

I am trying to move "wholus bolus" into Open Office, so .sxc works fine for me.

>Hope this is an ok start.

Wonderful!  Well done!

Here are some specific comments:

Summarizing the titles I see:

CodeList Name        -> Code List Name
Code List Category  -> this should be two columns, see my additions next
UBL Data Type
UBL Base Type        -> UBL Base Types? [1]
Used In [2]
Owner           [3]
Filename        [3]
Delivery Date   [3]
Status         [3]

There was a post I made that I cannot find where I relate I think we need 
to add things like:

Standard or Placebo definition (mandatory decision)
Stock or no Stock available in UBL 1.0 (only if Placebo definition)
Namespace URI (normative)
Namespace Prefix (documentary)
Example values (documentary; only if Standard or Stock) [4]
Code List Adjunct Filename in UBL 1.0 (only if Standard or Stock)

Notes from above:

[1] - given Gunther's paper on namespaces, I think this needs to be plural

[2] - not sure what this is

[3] - when we have more than one code list definition for a code list file 
(say "placebo" and "stock"), we need more than one line in the spreadsheet 
for status information so that we can track, say, the owner, filename and 
delivery status of each definition schema for a given code list

[4] - this is just to give a flavour of the values in the list, the 
"placebo definition schema" will just be xsd:token, but the "stock 
definition schema" and the "standard definition schema" will have the 
normative values

I think the order of the columns should be mandatory/normative stuff first, 
then documentary stuff next and status stuff last.

I'm thinking there were others, but danged if I can find my post.  A more 
public review of your submission should bring out more missing fields.

Thanks again, Anne!  I hope this helps.

....................... Ken

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