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Subject: UBL Schema 1.0-alpha draft-1 20030918 (With Draft CodeList Schemas)

Here's an implementation of UBL Schema 1.0-alpha draft-1 20030918, 
with codelist schemas, placebos and stocks, included.  Included is
also the XML representation of CodeListCatalogue spreadsheet.
So all information should be self-contained.

Couple of notes (please refer to the XML CodeListCatalogue):

- Stock codelist schemas are generated whenever there are 
  values in "Actual Values" field.   Internationlisation of
  externally defined codelists are still in stage of discussion.
  So they (and what these happen to be) are yet to be defined
  and included.

- I've inserted <ccts:Instance> info into Placebo and Stock codelists
  as per other Reusable and Document schemas, in anticipation that 
  they might be useful   (since the prefix information is associated 
  with codelists anyway).    But let me know if they're not really 
  useful and I could remove them in draft-2.

- Private adjunct schema isn't included.

Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai
Tel: +65-6820-2979
Fax: +65-6743-7875
Email: cheekai@SoftML.Net


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