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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] UBL Schema 1.0-alpha draft-1 20030918 (With Draft CodeList Schemas)

This is looking good, Chee-Kai!  But I do see some issues to be addressed.

At 2003-09-19 11:16 +0800, Chin Chee-Kai wrote:
>Here's an implementation of UBL Schema 1.0-alpha draft-1 20030918,
>with codelist schemas, placebos and stocks, included.

(1) I don't see any "Standard" definitions.  One thing that has been 
overlooked in this implementation of the design is that the design 
distinguishes all code lists as *either* standard or placebo, and the 
in-use schema is the one of these that is defined for the code list.

The stock definitions only apply for those code lists with placebo definitions.

When looking at the complete selection of code lists you will not see 
either a placebo definition or stock definition for those that have a 
standard definition.

For example, I note from your catalogue XML that "chn" is 
standard.  Therefore, in the list of XSD files I would see "chn-Use-" and 
"chn-Standard-" but not any others for "chn" ... and I suspect the 
"chn-Stock-" that I do see you have created is the correct content for the 
"chn-Standard-" file.

(2) In your catalogue XML I note that "acc" has a stock 
definition.  Therefore, I would expect to see "acc-Use-" and "acc-Placebo-" 
(both of those being the same content) and then an additional "acc-Stock-" 
definition with the stock values.  I *do* already see the Placebo and Stock 
definitions, so all that is missing is the "-Use-".

All of the XSD schemaLocation= attributes pointing to code lists in the 
import statements of Reusable should be using the "-Use-" filename.

(3) In your catalogue XML I note that "cnt" has an external 
definition.  Therefore I would expect to see "cnt-Use-" and "cnt-Placebo-" 
(both of those being the same content), and (eventually, I realize you may 
not have done externals yet) the "cnt-Stock-" synthesized from the XSLT 
stylesheet using "cnt-Placebo-" as the main source and 
as the input of enumerations (which would be somewhere in the spreadsheet 
and your catalogue XML.

>Couple of notes (please refer to the XML CodeListCatalogue):
>- Stock codelist schemas are generated whenever there are
>   values in "Actual Values" field.

True, but also Stock code list definitions are also generated whenever 
there is an external definition.

>Internationlisation of
>   externally defined codelists are still in stage of discussion.
>   So they (and what these happen to be) are yet to be defined
>   and included.

Ahhhhh ... thank you ... that addresses a couple of my points above.

>- I've inserted <ccts:Instance> info into Placebo and Stock codelists
>   as per other Reusable and Document schemas, in anticipation that
>   they might be useful   (since the prefix information is associated
>   with codelists anyway).    But let me know if they're not really
>   useful and I could remove them in draft-2.
>- Private adjunct schema isn't included.

Nor would they ever be by us ... private-use files will all be generated by 
implementers and end-users.

Thanks, Chee-Kai, I hope these comments help.

......................... Ken

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