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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] UBL 1.0 draft 4 models in hand

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Tim McGrath wrote:

>>remove the embedded spaces from the Representation term.  In fact, we 
>>may decide this need not be in the spreadsheet at all and the script can 
>>map them.

If it is just removing spaces, the tool (UBLish) can automatically
squeeze out all spaces to formulate the final UBL Name.  Stray
prefixing and trailing spaces are also trimmed off by default.
So we're covered as far as producing legitimate XML names are

However, time permitting, I'd encourage the spreadsheet's formula 
to reflect as accurately as possible the final, desired form
so that the spreadsheets can give more WYSIWYG effect rather
than having to look at the schemas to figure out what is the
final form.

This goes with the first column of values under "UBL Names"
as well.  Other than simple punctuation and space removals,
those name values are used as normative inputs in the production
of schemas, so that naming errors (e.g. capitalisation, spelling,
etc) in schemas can be traced back properly to the spreadsheets.
Compared to the tool reconstituting UBL Names separately, this
copying of names would ensure a one-to-one correctness or 
incorrectness, avoiding multiple derivations once along spreadsheet
formulas, and another time via tool's expressions.

We can discuss on Tuesday whether the spreadsheet column 
"UBL Names" (and other formula-filled columns) can be made 
as normative inputs to tool, or whether the tool would need 
to implement the formula in the tool's space.

Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai
Tel: +65-6820-2979
Fax: +65-6743-7875
Email: cheekai@SoftML.Net

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