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Subject: [Fwd: Re: RN code list schema]

Here is the RosettaNet Code list info Jon refered to in todays LC meeting.


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Hi Jon,

Here is the codelist schema with examples. RosettaNet worked with NIST in
this solution. To develop this, we started with the UBL codelist document,
and made enough changes to make it work for restriction and extension. 
Sample codelists are also in it. 
This is the codelist schema we have slotted for production of schema based
RosettaNet PIPs.
(This bundle strips some RosettaNet specific information, and is suitable
for general review)

Note that governance issues are dealt with separately, and anything in this
package does not 
imply any specific ways of governance of the extension/restriction of the
schema, or the contents of the codelists.

-------------------------www.rosettanet.org -------------------------------
Suresh Damodaran, Ph.D.                       469-524-2676(O)           
Chief Technologist,                                  469-323-0234(Cell)
RosettaNet                            Lingua franca for eBusiness
(on loan from Sterling Commerce, a SBC Company)    

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From: jon.bosak@sun.com [mailto:jon.bosak@sun.com]
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 8:11 PM
To: Damodaran, Suresh
Cc: paul.tearnen@rosettanet.org; Bill.Meadows@sun.com
Subject: RN code list schema

Hello Suresh,

In your presentation to today's BARD meeting, you said that RN had
developed a standard schema for code lists.  This is not one of
the formal inputs to the UBL Code List SC.  Do you intend to
donate this?  If so, we need it right away.  I don't want to see a
repeat of the timing problem we had with the naming and design

Best regards,


code list samples and RN code lists.zip

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