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Subject: Re: Fwd: UBL - problem with INVOICE schema

Thanks Jon and Ciao Francesco,

I will attempt to give preliminary answers to your questions, but i will 
also distribute this message to the UBL Library Content team as others 
may wish to give further information.

>We are facing the following problem: we are trying to map the data of 
>an italian invoice to the invoice schema defined in the UBL 1.0 beta 
>and we can't figure out how to represent some information related to 
>the AllowanceCharge tag.

>We need to represent the following information:
>1) an ID for a price tag to bind a discount (AllowanceCharge) tag to 
>it (for example, how can we specify that an AllowanceCharge apply to 
>a BasePrice and another to a LineExtensionAmount? 

In an InvoiceLine you can have BasePrice, LineExtensionAmount and several AllowanceCharges.  

This BasePrice is the price per unit.  Normally this would be the same a Item.BasePrice, but having it at the InvoiceLine as well gives scope to change it for specific transactions.

I think the problem you have is that you would like to specify that the AllowanceCharge(s) to apply either to the BasePrice or to the LineExtensionAmount.  In reality I am not sure it makes any difference as the AllowanceCharge is a rate (MultiplierFactorQuantity) not an absolute value. So, we can say 'a widget costs ¬100 and has a discount of 10% so if you ordered 20 you pay ¬1800', and we can say 'a widget costs ¬100 and as you ordered 20 widgets you get a 10% discount so you pay ¬1800'.
Another way of saying this is that, in the original UBL scenario, any discounts or charges applied only to the supply of the items not the actual items themselves.  What you are asking for looks more like a Catalog or Inventory scenario.

>The AllowanceCharge 
>tag provides an ID child tag to refer to a price but both BasePrice 
>and LineExtensionAmount don't have such child);

I am not sure what you are saying here, but the only monetary amount in AllowanceCharge is the PaidAmount when the AllowanceCharge is paid.  I am not sure we meant this to mean 'the amount of the AllowanceCharge'. it was designed to be for pre-paid or contracted payments and requires a payment type code.

>2) a type atttibute for the AllowanceCharge tag to distinguish, for 
>example, between a flatRate, lumpSum o freeGoods allowance as defined 
>in the EAN-UCC SYSTEM (the ReasonCode tag is said in 
>UBL-CodeList-AllowanceChargeReasonCode-Use-1.0-beta.xsd to specify 
>one of the code listed in 
>http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d03a/tred/tred4465.htm where we 
>couldn't find any code appropriate for our needs)..

Firstly, let me congratulate you on working through the UBL code list mechanism and identify the recommended code set for this element.  Unfortunately as you surmised, the ReasonCode is a reason code not a type code, so you wont find the values you want in there.

>3) an optional tag to represent the amount of the Allowance/Charge 
>when it is independent from any price ('lumpSum', so I can't use the 
>MultiplierFactorQuantity tag since I don't have a base to refer to).

AllowanceCharge only appears on InvoiceLine together with a mandatory BasePrice - so it cannot be independent and will always have a base to refer to. 

What these questions seem to come back to is your desire to specify a fixed amount for the AllowanceCharge - not a rate.  Perhaps you could give some examples of when this would be necessary?

Jon.bosak@sun.com wrote:

>Hello Tim,
>Here's a question for you from Francesco Fedele of CommerceNet
>Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 20:10:58 +0100
>To: jon.bosak@sun.com
>From: Francesco Fedele <fedele@effedue.com>
>Subject: UBL - problem with INVOICE schema
>Cc: didonato@effedue.com
>Dear Jon,
>as I already told you we are using UBL in one of our ebXML based 
>pilot projects.
>We have a problem and would appreciate support from someone who knows 
>the UBL invoice schema. Can you point us to the right person ?
>Below I enclose a detailed description of the problem, and I am 
>copying the techical lead of our project: can you please copy him on 
>any suggestion you can provide us ?
>Thanks for your support and best regards, ciao !

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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