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Subject: UBL codelist value files from just-before-beta


As requested in the lcsc meeting, here is the set of documents 
containing the code list values that correspond to those codes listed in 
the Code List Catalogue where there are entries in the 'Actual Values' 
column (column P).  There are 13 of these rows, and therefore 13 code 
list values files.  Michael, fyi, the key for the tool was whether or 
not there was an '=' sign in the 'Actual Values' column (column P).  If 
there was an '=' sign beginning colum P then the tool looked for a file 
with the name listed after the '=' sign.  The file was named according 
to 'Column 'B' ('Code List Namespace)  in the Code List Catalogue. 
 You'll note that the values are very unrecognizable on their own, since 
most of them are numbers.   We went through many discussions as to 
whether to capture more information in the 'values' files, but it was 
determined that there was a) not enough time, b) no method for clearly 
specifying which additional information should be captured, and c) not 
within our purview to do so.

The 'Credits' column (column R) in the Catalogue states exactly where 
these code list values came from *if* the values were from a source 
external to UBL.  If so, the information in the 'Credits' column was 
included in the comment header block in the schema file for each code 
list schema.

The 'Notes' column (column Q) were internal notes (really should not 
have been sent out).

Please note that we were originally using the lists at 
These lists turned out to be in various stages of construction and we 
found we had to fall  back to the
lists at http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d03a/tred/tredi2.htm for any 
consistency, so, based on our
experience, there is a bit of danger in identifying a specific URL for a 
code list and any ubl attempt
to identify such urls should be vetted appropriately.



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