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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC meeting 2002.06.14

The UBL Liaison SC met by phone Friday 14 June 2002.


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Garret Minakawa (invited observer)
   Sue Probert (UN/EDIFACT)
   Ray Seddigh (XBRL)
   Lisa Seaburg (editor, UBL LC SC)
   Bill French (EIDX)

   (Regrets: Richard Mader)

   We fell just short of a quorum today (we got four voting
   members out of eight) and will therefore have to finish up
   formal business through email.  See related message for
   resolutions to be adopted.

1. Calendar (http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/lsc/calendar.htm)

   X12 meeting 6-11 October in Miami (was a week earlier)
   Action: noted.

   XML Web Services One 26-30 August in Boston
   Action: Check with Eve Maler to see whether she could cover this.

   XML World 2002 23-25 September in New Orleans
   Action: Check with Bob Glushko.

   The latest UBL presentation is now on the UBL site at


2. UBL meeting schedule

   We arrived at (informal) agreement on the following schedule:

      UBL meeting 1-4 October 2002 in Burlington, Massachusetts
         (about 15 miles north of Boston) -- running Tuesday
         through Friday to optimize travel for people attending
         X12 the following week in Miami; objective: process
         feedback from LC review cycle starting in August

      UBL meeting 18-21 November 2002 in Menlo Park, California --
         running Monday through Thursday per our established
         preferences; objective: prepare major release of library
         and basic documents by our target date

      Joint X12/UBL meeting 3-7 February 2003 in Denver;
         objective: get X12 response to the library and documents

      European meeting in late spring TBD depending on CEFACT

   See related message for the email vote to ratify these

3. LSC meeting schedule

   I would like to move the call scheduled for 19 July to 12 July.
   The members present approved this; see related message for the
   email vote to ratify this decision.

   If this change is approved, our schedule for the rest of the
   year will stand as follows:

      Fri 12 Jul 2002
      Fri 02 Aug 2002
      Fri 16 Aug 2002
      Fri 30 Aug 2002
      (Skip 13 Sep: CEFACT Forum in Geneva)
      Fri 27 Sep 2002
      Fri 11 Oct 2002
      Fri 25 Oct 2002
      Fri 08 Nov 2002
      Fri 22 Nov 2002
      (Skip 12/6: MoU/MG meeting in Paris)
      Fri 20 Dec 2002

      Dial-in information:
      U.S.: 888 422 7105
      International: 608 250 9675
      Participant code: 448 342

   Note that the dates in September and November will have to be
   moved around if we adopt the proposed UBL meeting schedule; we
   can deal with this next time.

3a. Next review cycle (added item)

   We discussed the fact that we already have Rev 2 of NDR but
   will not have Rev 2 of the Library for a while yet.  Is this a
   problem?  Points made during the discussion:

    - It's more important to keep NDR flowing into LC than keeping
      external reviews in sync

    - The priority is to make sure that the next LC release
      incorporates the latest NDR guidelines

    - Most of the groups represented in the LSC do not have a
      subcommittee that maps directly to NDR (X12 being the
      notable exception, but we don't have information on IXRetail
      or RosettaNet)

    - We think it's possible that we can get a response to a
      general call for comments on NDR from EIDX and EDIFACT; so
      probably the best thing would be a general announcement in
      each of the groups with a request to send comments to the
      NDR SC

    - We need to be clearer with external reviewers about the
      relationship between the two packages

    - We need to state clearly to external reviewers what they
      will gain from NDR and why they should be paying attention
      to it; this depends on what stage they are at in their own
      XML design work and the extent to which they intend to use
      the UBL library

    - We've been assuming that use of the UBL NDR will help
      promote future convergence with UBL; we need to know whether
      this is actually true

    - Some parts of NDR will be more relevant to liaison groups
      than other parts; we need the NDR SC to identify these

4. Interoperability (Bill French): put on agenda for next meeting

5. Miscellaneous: put on agenda for next meeting

    - Thought for OAG collaboration

    - Idea of outsourcing domain work to verticals (then through
      us as way of getting general review)

Jon Bosak
Chair, UBL LSC

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