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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Minutes of UBL Liaison SC, 5/6 February 2003

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee met on 5/6 February 2003.

Meeting Logistics:

    00h00 GMT Thursday 6 February
    (7pm ET US time, Wednesday 5 February 2003)

    International: 646 441 1003
    U.S. domestic: 866 680 0148
    Participant code: 701188

Proposed agenda:

    1. Roll call, approval of minutes
    2. Calendar review
    3. UBL Brochures
    4. Review release update
       - Early response
       - Schedule for the supplementary materials
       - Process for tracking input
    5. UN/CEFACT update


    1. Roll call, approval of minutes

       Meeting participants:
       ('Y' indicates attendance, '-' indicates absence)

       Jon Bosak (UBL Liason SC chair)                Y
       Anne Hendry (Scribe)                           Y


             Derek Coleman (RosettaNet)               -
             Mark Crawford (UN/CEFACT ATG and X12)    Y
             Bill French (EIDX)                       -
             John Hervey (NACS)                       -
             Doug Jones (RosettaNet BARD)             -
             Kris Ketels (SWIFT)                      -
             Thomas Lee (ebXML Asia)                  -
             Richard Mader (ARTS)                     -
             Charlie Mead (HL7)                       -
             Sue Probert (UN/CEFACT TBG)              Y
             Ray Seddigh (XBRL)                       Y
             Robert Shanbaum (VCA)                    -
             Leon Shiman (UIG)                        Y
             James Whittle (e.centre)                 -
             Nigel Wooden (ACORD)                     -

             Fabrice Desré (France Telecom)           Y
             Marion Royal (UBL LC SC Vice Chair)      Y
             Lisa Seaburg (UBL NDR SC Co-Chair)       Y
             Gunther Stuhec (UBL LC SC)               Y
             Jim Wilson (CIDX)                        Y

       There is not a quorum present.

       The next meeting is set for March 3/4.       
       We will then return to our previous split-meeting format:
           First meeting     16h00 GMT (8:00 am California time)
           Second meeting    00h00 GMT (4:00 pm California time)

       The next following three months are scheduled for
           7/8 April 2003
           5/6 May 2003
           2/3 June 2003

       We may have to drop the May meeting back a week
       to accommodate those who are attending XML Europe.

    2. Calendar review

          - eGov conference, 10-12 February, Sue Probert
          - ISO TC 154, 7 March, San Diego, Sue, Mark
          - Int'l Web Services/XML Conference, 27-29 May, Toronto, Sang Shin

          - ean.ucc (there is one in America later)

          - Web Services One, Santa Clara
            Jon on panel March 4 as part of OASIS forum.
            Ray Seddigh will also be there.  Possibly Eve Maler.

           Paris meeting will be sponsored by SAP in May/April.
           This may not happen, but if it did then UBL would be welcome
           in the Architecture meeting.  Dates not set, though.
           It's close to the XML Europe Conference, so would work well.
           Jim Wilson will provide details when they are available.

       Mark gave NACS presentation last week.

       X12: Leon will be there.
       The utility industry group represents a deep knowledge of EDI and
       is responsible for a large amount of documentation that supports
       deregulation.  This is also being used for European deregulation.
       Would like to look at utility industry documents relative to UBL
       structures and see what gaps there may be between being able to
       handle data properly and current state of UBL.  This would be a
       good 2-way exchange.  Would like to be able to get industry people
       engaged.  The three meetings coming up in Nashville are important
       to the industry - could derive benefit from UBL (and visa versa).

       UBL would need to find resources and to talk to X12 about how to
       work together.  Mark, Marion, and Jon will figure out if there's
       anyone that can be devoted to this.  Tomorrow Ralph Berwanger,
       X12 Vice Chair, will be here to talk to us.  This can be discussed
       more then, and we can decide on resourcing based on that discussion.

       Anne: - drop Bill a note asking about May plenary
             - ping Nigel Wooden about UBL speaking opportunities at ACORD.
             - find Xtreme Markup cutoff date; send info to list

       Next TC meeting after London:
       August, possibly the week before Xtreme Markup (28 July - 1 Aug).
       Jon will report to TC on Friday.  Possible locations will depend
       partially on the organizers.

    3. UBL Brochures

       When liaisons have any upcoming meetings, pleaase distribute brochures.
       Let Jon know at least a week in advance that you need some.

    4. Release update

       Have some good press response including Japanese translation
       of announcement.  Other press follow-up as well.

       The 0p70 release (27 January) is now available.  A supplemental
       package will be released next week.  It will contain everything
       in the current package as well, but only the supplemental material
       will be different and will not effect work with the current material.

    5. UN/CEFACT

       Met with Ralph Berwanger today in preparation for March meeting.

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