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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Reminder about ACTION items

In our report from last week, the following action items were 
identified.  Please get your actions done.  BTW, when I have an NDR area of 
the website set up, I will ensure that all of our analysis inputs are made 
available from there.

ACTION: Eve to set up teleconference service and send mail about it, get a 
ubl-ndr mailing list set up, and get a UBL TC subpage for our SC set up. 
[Mostly DONE; waiting for subpage instructions from Jon.]

ACTION: The champions identified so far (Bill, Gunther, Dave) to attempt to 
produce drafts of their position papers before our telecon next Wednesday.

ACTION: The NDR report editor (Mark) to work on a draft NDR report outline 
that takes into account the BL Schema SC and X12 work to date.

ACTION: Arofan to send a copy of the latest documentation of [the xCBL] 
conventions and rules.

ACTION: Gunther to send the approved version [of 11179] to the SC.

ACTION: Mark to send the draft of Part 5 [of 11179] to the SC. [DONE]

ACTION: Arofan to send [the eCo spec guidelines] to the SC.

ACTION: Someone (Kelly?) to find out the current level of support for 
validating local elements. In order to do this, they will need to develop a 
small worked example with which to test the validators.  [We never really 
assigned this to Kelly.  Is he willing to take this on, or should it 
wait?  Or does Dave, the champion for this area, want to look into it?]


Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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