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ubl-ndrsc message

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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for 3 April 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

1. Roll call (quorum is 9)
    Bill Burcham         YES
    Mavis Cournane
    Mark Crawford        YES
    Fabrice Desré
    John Dumay
    Matt Gertner         YES
    Arofan Gregory       YES
    Phil Griffin
    Eduardo Gutentag     YES
    Eve Maler            YES
    Dale McKay
    Joe Moeller
    Sue Probert          YES
    Ron Schuldt          YES
    Lisa Seaburg
    Gunther Stuhec       YES
    Paul Thorpe          YES

    Quorum not reached; proceeded informally.

2. Acceptance of minutes of previous meetings

    27 February 2002 telecon:

    6 March 2002 telecon:

    13 March 2002 telecon:

    18-22 March 2002 F2F meeting:

    All deferred.

3. Adoption of agenda

    Moved the coordination with CM SC up in the agenda because Matt has
    to leave early.

    Added discussion of comments on the CC Technical Specification re:
    clarifying "properties" in the CC meta-model.

4. Action items and prioritizing our next chunk of work

    ACTION: Mavis to revise the tag structure paper with our
    latest thoughts on RTs vs. CCTs and how schemas should define
    types for them. (A priority)

    ACTION: Eve to revise the code list position paper to include
    discussion of the new idea (moving code list identification to
    a namespaced element containing a code from a single list) and
    the other ideas proposed by EWG attendees. (A priority)

    ACTION: Bill to update the role model paper to record the
    latest decisions. (C priority)

    ACTION: Eduardo to revise Arofan's original extension paper to
    include all the latest CM information, and to communicate the
    results of this F2F meeting to Matt.  (This is a CM SC item;
    Matt has been apprised of the Barcelona results.)

    ACTION: Arofan to start a position paper about containership.
    (B priority)

    ACTION: Gunther to provide a position paper recommending how
    to handle dates and times. (C priority)

    Administrative concerns:

    - How to work issues with the CM SC?  An example of an issue that
      affects both groups is when/how to set types final and elements

      We agreed that joint meetings make sense.  For now, we should try
      to spend the first hour of every other NDR SC telecon in a joint
      NDR/CM SC telecon.  We'll start next week.  Eve will send the broad
      agenda out to both groups, and Matt will follow up with a detailed

    - NDR document production: How should we approach this?  We have the
      following weeks until the next F2F meeting:

      April 3 (today), 10, 17, 24
      May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
      June 5 (the F2F meeting itself, if all goes according to plan)

      We discussed the idea of "growing" the tag structure paper into the
      NDR document, and also how to handle position papers that are in
      flux while trying to incorporate them into the main document.  Mark
      is willing to have co-editors helping him; we hope Mavis is on
      board, and Arofan has offered too.

      New ACTION: Eve to discuss with Mavis the idea of turning the tag
      structure paper into the next draft of the NDR document.
      (A priority)

      Our work in the next two months (A=high, B=medium, C=low):

      A External recommendations for changes to CCTS

        Comments are due May 4 and must be in the prescribed format.

        New ACTION: Bill to put together draft recommendations on the
        CCTS on the issue of "properties".

        New ACTION: Eve to discuss with Mavis whether she's willing to
        contribute additional recommendations on the CCTS (related to
        the RT/CCT confusion) to the external recommendations.
        (A priority)

        New ACTION: Arofan to propose some alternate definitions for RTs
        and CCTs and send them to the NDR list. (A priority -- by today
        if possible)

      A Modnamver holes and other modularity comments on LC SC
        schema code

        Things we need to work on here: versioning, whether to explicitly
        account for an RT/CCT module, and how many root schemas we need.
        Note that the namespace and versioning issues may affect or be
        affected by the context methodology work.

        New ACTION: Everyone to review the modnamver paper, the examples,
        and the 0.64 schema distribution. (A priority)

      A Code lists (Eve to revise)

      C Dates and times (new Gunther paper)

      A NDR document production

      B Holes in tag structure (Mavis to revise)

      B Containership (new Arofan paper)

        We have already given the LC SC some comments on this, so we
        think the paper will just be a nice summary of what we're already
        telling them (and what we will continue to tell them in reactive,
        comment-submitting mode).

      B Fixed vs. varying types (Matt paper)

        New ACTION: Everyone to read Matt's types paper by next week
        and see if we want to prioritize it higher. (A priority)

      A Review the purchase order schema design

5. Can we tackle any of these subjects today?

    Apparently not. :-)

6. Adjourn
    Adjourned y:10.
Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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