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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Draft X12 XML Reference Model

Thanks for the comments, Bill.  A few of my own in-line.

Burcham, Bill wrote:

>Thanks for forwarding the draft Mike.  I skimmed it a little deeper this
>morning.  Thought folks might value a quick take.
>It appears that as it stands this might properly be viewed as two separate
>documents: the first, an exposition on the CICA architecture (Context
>Inspired Component Architecture) and the second, a set of XML design rules.
In the draft you looked at they aren't very well integrated yet.  The 
final version will integrate them, with syntax level decisions more 
directly reflecting the CICA architecture.

>The CICA architecture is at a level similar to Core Components but also
>addresses some of the same issues as Context Methodology: e.g. process and
>role.  It doesn't appear to subsume or be subsumed by the Core Components or
>Context Methodology.
I think that's the best way to look at it.

>The design rules I looked at, for the most part, do take a position.  They
>actually give concrete recommendations!  That's a Good Thing.
>I see little connection between CICA and the XML design rules.  I suppose
>that'll be addressed as this document moves forward.  For now, I think we
>should use the XML design rules as source material and ignore the CICA stuff
>since it is nascent and wildly divergent from our chartered basis in Core
>Components and Context Methodology.
Be aware that some of our XML decisions will probably change as we move 
towards the final version.  I'm hoping that they will be pretty much 
in-line with what UBL does, but I wouldn't bet on it yet.  Although we 
would hope that UBL would consider the CICA stuff, I can't argue much 
with your decision to not consider it, at least until it is more fleshed 
out and has some official standing in X12.


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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