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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] RE: [ubl-lcsc] UBL Schemas for all Business Documents

Hello Minakawa,
I'm interesting on the same idea. Because this help us to using the Core Components in a very broad environment and help and will setting up the Core Components as the only one basic structure for building business documents and objects.
I have the following answer for your issues:
The "common attributes" are not decided yet within UBL NDRSC. This was only a first draft. The idea of "common attributes" was that you can define the UBL IDs and the language of tag-names for each element, which will be expressed in every instance. But this is not really resolved yet. We have to discuss about it until January 13th. 
This "id" expresses the unique Ids of every CC. Not every CC does have an id yet. But if you have any defined yet, you can express this by using the XML-Schema predefined attribute "id".
What do you mean with default values?
This is still under discusssion on UBL side. Because we have seen that the xml-schema structures will be much more clear and understandable, if we using a basic xml-schema construction for every "secondary" represenation term which can be expressed by a specific XML-schema built-in data-type. This makes the schema structure . It does not existing any CC for expressing the URI as an content component. Therefore we defined the additional CCT "ElectronicAddressType". You can use this for the representation of standardized and processable "EMail" addresses as well as for HTML-pages which will be used for further information.
UBL defined ID.
Kind regards,
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From: Garret Minakawa [mailto:garret.minakawa@oracle.com]
Sent: Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2002 21:51
To: Stuhec, Gunther
Cc: Garret Minakawa
Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] UBL Schemas for all Business Documents


I am still very interested in creating a single CoreComponentTypes.xsd that can be used by any organization building core components in XML.

After reviewing your latest version, I think we are close to accomplishing this but there are still a few areas that will require further discussion.

Some of the key issues are:

Do you think UBL would be willing to consider changes to the existing CoreComponentTypes.xsd?  If so, how do you think we should proceed?  Should this be an agenda item for one of the LCSC or NDR conference calls?  Should we schedule a call between the two of us before bringing this to a larger audience?

Please let me know what you think.



"Stuhec, Gunther" wrote:

Hello all,

I generated for all existing business documents (Depatch Advice, Invoice, Order, Order Response, Order Response Simple, Receipt Advice) the UBL based XML Schemas.

I found in the diverse spreadsheets some inconsistencies. I changed these and I highlighted these with the colour orange.

I moved all information from the two new coloumns of all ASBIE into the coloums "Qualifier Term of Property Term", "Property Term" and "Representation Term".
Because according the ebXML CCTS V1.9 are the two additional coloumns for ABIEs are not necessary any more. The ASBIE and BBIE are expressing the same, an Object. Therefore, they based on the same naming rules. But the ASBIE using instead of "representation term" the "object class term". This
"object class term" can be expressed in the same coloumn as "representation term". Additionally, an ASBIE must have an "property term", too. Therefore, I copied all "object class terms" of each ASBIE into the coloumn "property term".

I checked all schemas with XML Spy. And all schemas are valid now. Please review these schemas. May be there can be some mistakes or inconsistencies in it. Tell me this as soon as possible, because I'm from December, 21st to January, 2nd in vacation.

Kind regards,


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