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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Rule: 93 Processing Instructions

I've got more of a why question on this one. Eve covered the 
Schema/Instance use side, but what if I want to use the Stylesheet PI to 
indicate how my document should be formatted? This is how they set that 
spec up and I would see where people might want to use that one 
specifically in the data stream.

I would hope the surrounding text gives me a reason why, other than just 
because. This certainly might be an eaiser way to incorporate some trading 
partner agreements and still use the off the shelf UBL schema.


At 10:34 AM 7/16/2003 -0500, Lisa-Aeon wrote:
>Rules for Voting:  Each email will have only one rule in it, I will try to
>mark the rules that group with it, or rules that might duplicate it.  The
>membership has 5 working days to bring forth objection or discussion, after
>the 5 working days, if there are no objections, the rule will be assumed to
>be "ACCEPTED" and be given to the LCSC for their implementation.
>Please Reply leaving first email in Reply.
>Voting period on this rule ends:  July 22, 2003
>[R 93]  Processing Instructions MUST NOT be used.
>ATG Decision:  ACCEPTED.
>File has not been scanned
>Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
>Version: 6.0.498 / Virus Database: 297 - Release Date: 7/8/2003

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