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Subject: Re: [ubl-tsc] Re: [ubl-psc] eview of schemas, meeting in the PSCTuesday the 23rd of March 15 CET

I think that most UN/ECE codelists have been updated,

I remember I suggested some new codelists like INCOTERMS 2000 and other ISO20022 codelists during FIRTG work... but it seems there is no trace of these inputs...

As I remember:
ECE/TRADE/259      2000      Recommendation N5, Incoterms 2000


Inside the above worksheet these are the code lists of interest:

1-AccountIdentification (to be used in FinancialAccount)
   (To ask Georg Birgisson if this is useful)

8-PersonIdentification  (to be used inside "Person" as schema)

9-Purpose   (to be used in cbc:PaymentPurposeCode)

"Payment Means"
The Payment Means codelist available from CEFACT seems to be old or however not aligned to ISO20022

The "Bank Transaction Code" includes the payments codelist:

hope this helps


G. Ken Holman ha scritto:" type="cite">At 2010-03-22 17:59 +0100, Roberto Cisternino wrote:
5) Code lists

    I think we should align some code lists available at UN/ECE

Latest UN/ECE codelists are here:

The question to committee members isn't whether we should have code lists, but rather:

 (1) - which code lists are to be included in the UBL 2.1 distribution?

 (2) - for each code list is it to be included in the special-purpose
       directory as a convenience for UBL users, or should it be
       engaged as a data type qualification in the committee-decided
       set of code list value qualifications?

Regarding (2) it was proposed in Copenhagen that no new UBL 2.1 code lists be engaged as data type qualifications other than any updates available for those data type qualifications already engaged in UBL 2.0.

Can you recommend which code lists should be included for the convenience of UBL users, or justify if the committee should add any particular ones to the set of distributed data type qualifications?

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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