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Subject: SBS Columns in spreadsheets (UBL 2 wd)

RE: UBL 2 wd SBS draft (defining examples attached) 


I've just finished revising an intial set of subsets
for the SBS for wd-UBL-2 and although this hasn't
had internal review it might be that it could be
added to the UBL 2 review spreadsheets (which 
have an SBS column). However there may not 
be time to actually populate the spreadsheet
columns (see Chee-Kai's comment on this) and
so I'd suggest that, if at all possible, someone
might hide those columns or delete the content
for this review and I could perhaps work on them
in New York for the informative cycle.

To populate the columns would take up to a week
at a push but I'll also be needing to finish the UBL
1 SBS package so I might not have time, even if the
timescale were realistic.

All the best



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