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Subject: UBL Profile for XML Digital Signatures and XAdES implementation

Dear friends,


Here is the last iteration of the document.


In yellow is marked what I think needs further discussion.


Originally the reference  to the element <ds:Signature> in  <cac:Signature> was done through  cac:DigitalSignatureAttachment/cac:ExternalReference/cbc:URI  using Id (unique identifier) from  <ds:Signature>.


Now there are two references

-          cac:Signature/cbc:ID using Id (unique identifier) from  <ds:Signature>.

-          cac:DigitalSignatureAttachment/cac:ExternalReference/cbc:URI  using a  #xpointer to  ds:Signature


I think this adds complexity and I don´t understand why could be useful.


I have made a small change in the specification of SignatoryParty


Originally it was stated that, being optional, if exists PartyIdentification, its  cbc:ID must be signer  subjectDN . This is not bad. But other identifiers can exists, as an example, the issuer VAT number.  

So, in this versión, if there are elements  PartyIdentification, one must contain attribute  schemaID=”X509SubjectName” in  cbc:ID, y (signer cert).


I foresee your comments.


Sorry for the delay.


Best regards,


Julián Inza


UBL-XAdES-Profile 1.0.doc

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