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Subject: Re: [ubl-security] [Fwd: Merging the Digital Signature UBL Spec.]

Hi Juliŗn,
I think we are very close to complete the document but we are not making progresses since a very long time and we are loosing important opportunities.
What are current planning to finish our activities? Do you need any help?

Best regards,
Andrea Caccia

Ing. Andrea Caccia - Studio Caccia
Via Bellingera 3 - 21052 Busto Arsizio - Italy
T. (+39) 0331 633523 - F. (+39) 02 700426959
M. (+39) 392 1890070 - SkypeID: a.caccia

Il giorno 11/nov/2009, alle ore 08.13, JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino ha scritto:

Hello JuliŠn,

please find attached my previous mail I erroneously sent offlist, sorry for that.

On December the National Centre for Informatics of the Italian Public Administration (CNIPA) is going to issue a new set of regulations and a guide for the use of the Digital Signature with main electronic document formats like UBL.

The UBL profile for applying enveloped digital signatures using the UBLExtension methodology is seen as a "key" specification that can be used as a normative reference by the Public Administrations.

XAdES is of course the Digital Signature Standard to be used, but the specific XAdES implementation profile will be dictaded by local requirements or Communities like the Europe, I mean that UBL has an International scope and we cannot constraint too much the use of this or that signature standards.

These are the two specification issued on the same time due to our difficult communications during the summer time:

UBL Profile for XML Digital Signatures and XAdES implementation      V.01


Electronic Signature in UBL - first draft

JuliŠn I please ask you to tell us if you need any support for the merging activity of the above draft specifications.

Ken Holman is in CC and I please ask him to possibly review the two documents to comment the way we reference the enveloped signature in the UBLExtensions using the cac:Signature.

Into the specification at
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-security/200909/msg00000.html    (the 1st in the above list)
there is intentionally indicated a double reference:
a) an implicit reference using IDs  (this way a software needs to be aware of this reference methodology)
b) an explicit reference using XPointer (only the xpointer() part of the spec.) where we can specify the Xpath to the precise UBLExtension containing the enveloped signature.  This way a software can extract the xpath from the xpointer() string and discover the enveloped signature.

I thank you very much for any help on this effort,

Roberto Cisternino

-------- Messaggio Originale --------
Oggetto: Merging the Digital Signature UBL Spec.
Data: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 22:13:48 +0100
Da: JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino <roberto@javest.com>
Organizzazione: JAVEST
A: JuliŠn Inza <julian.inza@albalia.com>
CC: Tim McGrath <tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com>, Caccia Andrea <andrea.caccia@innovery.it>, Oriol Bausŗ <oriol@invinet.org>, Jon Bosak <bosak@pinax.com>

Hello Juliŗn,
we do not have any news from you for a while,
and the Security Subcommittee should be able at least to provide a 
unique draft to be evaluated by the UBL TC.

I think the way we could reference the signature with IDs, URI or 
XPointer could be verified by other XML experts we have in UBL TC.
I think Ken Holman could be a valuable source to ensure we are using a 
valid approach.

If you share this step we could just forward a copy of the draft 
specification to him and we will speed up the result.

If you are involved into other projects and you think you are not able 
to complete the merge task in a short time, please contact us asap and 
we will provide the required support.

Best regards

Roberto Cisternino

* JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino
* Document Engineering Services Ltd. - Alliance Member
* UBL Italian Localization SubCommittee (ITLSC), co-Chair
* UBL Online Community editorial board member (ubl.xml.org)
* Italian UBL Advisor

  Roberto Cisternino

  mobile: +39 328 2148123
  skype:  roberto.cisternino.ubl-itlsc

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