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Subject: Re: [ubl-ssc] schema comparison for final build

Hi Anne,

I just checked these and notice that this does cause a non-trivial change
to the ASN.1 schemas.  The mapping to ASN.1 of simple types is different
from that of complex types (even though the bits on the wire might be the
same in both cases).

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On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Anne Hendry wrote:

> Hi,
> A file comparison of the schemas sent by Stephen on 17 Aug with the
> schemas sent by David on 24 Aug using the Windows 'file comparison'
> utility found no changes to schemas except for the
> UnspecializedDatatypes.   I think we might want to review the changes to
> that file in the meeting (an hour from now).  I wasn't able to figure
> out how to capture the output of 'fc' to add to the email, so I've
> instead attached the two schemas (btw, these are the same ones Tim sent
> last night).
> Thanks,
> Anne

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