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Subject: Draft Minutes of Transport Subcommittee Face-To-Face Meeting on 20 October 2005

Dear All,  Please review the minutes and notify me of any additions or corrections. We will approve them at the next SC meeting.



1000 - 1800 (Singapore time) THURSDAY 20 OCTOBER 2005

Face-To-Face Meeting in CrimsonLogic, Singapore



   Kama (UBL-TSC Chairperson, CrimsonLogic)

   Tim McGrath (UBL TC Vice-Chair)

   Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

   Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)

   Grace Ng (CrimsonLogic)

   Lim Pek Seah (CrimsonLogic)

   Ser Tee Hong (CrimsonLogic)

   Brayan (CrimsonLogic)



   Andrew Schoka (Information Systems Engineer (US))

   Kama (UBL-TSC Chairperson, CrimsonLogic)

   Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

   Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)

   Grace Ng (CrimsonLogic)

   Lim Pek Seah (CrimsonLogic)




1.                   Reviewed last meetings minutes and action items.

a.       Pending Tim to comment on how to present the complete Transport process model in the Process document, together with the assistance of Thomas & CY.

b.       CY to list all attributes for GoodsItem in Transportation data model.


2.                   Update the Transport data model during the meeting based on DTTN and CrimsonLogic's feedback.

a.       Tim informed that "Delivery" component name in UBL base component was taken from UNeDocs

b.       Dictionary entry name for all Class components in the data model diagram to use spaces in between word names.  E.g. instead of "GoodsItem", it should be "Goods Item".

c.       "Delivery" and "Despatch" component merged to a new class "Schedule" with two association (despatch and arrival) to "Consignment" class

d.       Removed "Transport Means" class component.  It is more meaningful to link the 4 types of transport means (maritime, rail, sea and road) to "Shipment Stage" class component. Thus 4 separate classes of transportation type will be created for maritime, rail, sea and road. This is because there would not be any other type of transportation type thus there was no need to generalize the classes.

e.       Added "Hazardous Goods Indicator" in "Goods Item" as Hazardous Goods Indicator could be an important indicator thus it is placed in the higher level classes.

f.        "Goods Item" can have cardinality of 0..n with "Shipment".

g.       Added "Identifier" element in 'Consignment' class component to uniquely identify a consignment.

h.       To change "Sequence : Numeric" in "Goods Item".

i.         Added "Package Type" in "Package" class component.


3.                   Certificate Of Origin data model has been reviewed and changes has been suggested.

4.                   Tim explained to the TSC team how to input elements into the UBL spreadsheet.

5.                   Tim updated that the China partners will assist in matching the UNTDED code to the classes in UBL.

6.                   At 1645-1715, TSC team held a conclusion and summary meeting over tele-con call with Andrew Schoka.

7.                   CrimsonLogic will be introducing 3 additional documents ('Packing List', 'Transport Instruction', and 'Freight Invoice').  These 3 documents are currently in XML version and will be re-align and re-modeled to UBL base components and to the 'Transportation' data model.

8.                   Schedule

a.       Planned to complete spreadsheet work on the 4 documents by end of October 2005.

b.       Review by UBL-TC level in November 2005.

c.       Public review from mid-Dec 2005 for over 2 months ending February 2006.

d.       The 3 documents proposed by CrimsonLogic will be included in the March 2006 submission to UBL TC

9.                   To accommodate US counter part, TSC next meeting re-scheduled conference call will be held on 2nd November 2005, Wednesday 0900 SGT.




1.                   CY to complete COML element definition on UBL spreadsheet.

2.                   CrimsonLogic to complete/fine-tune COML data model.  CY to email CrimsonLogic the latest modified EAP file for COML.

3.                   Ralph (DTTN) to complete data model and spreadsheet element definition for the 3 documents ('Forwarding Instruction', 'Bill of Lading' and 'Waybill').

4.                   Tim to sent common package of UBL in EAP format to TSC.


---- end





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