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Subject: Monday UBL meeting (was: Sunday lunch in Vancouver)

From the fact that it's Sunday at 1:15 and I'm all alone in the
Westin lobby, my keen deductive intellect leads me to the
conclusion that I got to Vancouver before the rest of you.  The
good news is that the hotel wireless access seems to work pretty

Let's gather at the Monday afternoon coffee break, scheduled for
15h00-15h30 in the "hallway outside Stanley 1 & 2" and then repair
to someplace convenient during the afternoon breakout sessions
that follow.  We really must synchronize schedules for the week.

Here's what I have at this point:

   Tuesday p.m. (1 hour) TBG1 (agenda: planning for TBG1 review)
   Wednesday a.m. TBG3 (agenda: TBG3 submission and issues arising)
   Wednesday lunch: UBL lunch & learn
   Wednesday p.m. CCTS (agenda: ensuring UBL 2.0 is CCTS compliant)
   Thursday a.m. (0900-1030) TBG17 (agenda: possible e-procurement
      proof of concept project)
   Thursday pm ATG2 (agenda: planning for convergence)


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