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Subject: OIOUBL Material

Dear Peter,
Thank you for making the OIOUBL material on business procurement using UBL
2.0 available on your website in English. The work is quite impressive as
well as comprehensive. The scenario framework is an excellent example that
has a broader application to international trade scenarios which the
Transport Subcommittee is starting to develop. Furthermore, the OIO UBL
BASPRO scenario (also in English) has become a valuable starting point for
the development of the UBL Basic International Trade Scenario (BITS) which
we would like to further develop in collaboration with you and your staff.
We welcome the opportunity to capitalize on the additional material that
you have prepared, in particular your work on (business object) guidelines
but regrettably they are presently only in Danish. Guidelines of high
interest include those of the Party concept and the Signature concept. A
document guideline for something like Order would also be of high interest.
We look forward to obtaining any material that you can make available in
English as we continue the preparation of various pieces of the UBL 2.0
Support Package. 




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