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Subject: UBL 2.0 Bill Of Lading Example (draft)

Hello I prepared the attached Bill Of Lading (B/L) from a real document
and I need to complete the "Movement Type" field available on B/Ls.

The Movement Type I have is: CY/CY

Below a little sample of Movement Types and their meaning:

CFS/CY Container Freight Station to Container Yard (LCL/FCL)
CY/CY Container Yard to Container Yard (FCL/FCL)
CY/CFS Container Yard to Container Freight Station (FCL/LCL)

FCL Full Container Load
LCL Less than Container Load

Anyone knows where I can find this field into the UBL B/L ?

P.S. With a few adjustements I think it could be a good real sample

Thank you in advance

Roberto Cisternino


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