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Subject: UBL 2.1 BIE definitions

Hello PSC and TSC,

FYI, from this week's Pacific call minutes:

|    Recent work documenting the role of ASBIEs in the UBL data model
|    has again raised the issue of ASBIE definitions.  See below for a
|    list of current ASBIE definitions from the Common Library.
|    There are also ABIE definitions needing work, for example:
|       The Average price included VAT.  This clas are suplementary
|       utility Statements, that depending of type of Utility and
|       scenario, needs to be present on a UtilityStatement, in order
|       to meet the legal requirement and/or to give the Buyer proper
|       informations. Note that these suplementary Statements are
|       related to one common ConsumptionPoint as specified in
|       UtilityChargeableConsumption/ConsumptionPoint above.
|    JB: The list of ASBIE definitions (see agenda for this call) shows
|    two completely different kinds of "definitions" randomly
|    intermixed.  For example, "An association to Payment Means" is
|    followed by "The time where an appeal can be presented."  The
|    latter is an actual definition, whereas the former simply repeats
|    information found in the Associated Object Class column of the
|    model and is definitionally vacuous.
|    GKH: And it is not sufficient to simply refer to the definition of
|    the ABIE from which the ASBIE is derived.  Consider, as a simple
|    example, these two ASBIEs in PaymentMeans:
|       cac:PaymentMeans/cac:PayeeFinancialAccount is an ASBIE of the
|       cac:FinancialAccount ABIE
|       cac:PaymentMeans/cac:PayerFinancialAccount is another ASBIE of
|       the same cac:FinancialAccount ABIE
|    If we were simply to define both to be "An instance of the
|    Financial Account ABIE", that would tell the user nothing at all.
|    They already know that from the spreadsheet or from the schema.
|    And the definition of FinancialAccount as "Information about a
|    Financial Account" says nothing about the difference between a
|    PayeeFinancialAccount and a PayerFinancialAccount.  In this
|    particular case their functions are suggested by their names, but
|    that is not a solution to the general problem.
|       AGREED that the definitions are not yet of a quality sufficient
|       for release of PRD3.
|          NEXT STEPS: Discuss in the Atlantic call.


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