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Subject: Revision of model definitions

Hello UBL PSC and TSC,

From the minutes of this week's Atlantic call, confirming the decision
arrived at in this week's Pacific call:

|    See discussion in the Pacific call minutes and list of current
|    ASBIE definitions attached to the Pacific call agenda:
|    http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/201112/msg00001.html
|    It appears that we will need to review all of the definitions and
|    revise or redo about half of them before we can release PRD3.  We
|    need to confirm this and then discuss workflow and scheduling.
|    JB: Earlier I said that the list of ASBIE definitions was a
|    mixture of two different types; it now appears that there are
|    actually four kinds of definitions mixed together:
|       "An association to Payment Means" -- vacuous repetition of
|       information in the Associated Object Class column
|       "An associative reference to Credit Note" -- the same thing
|       using an alternative form of expression
|       "The time where an appeal can be presented" -- an actual
|       definition
|       "An association that describes any catalogue items that may be
|       components of this Item" -- an attempt at an actual definition
|       ("any catalogue items that may be components of this Item")
|       that mistakenly uses the form of the vacuous ones
|    AS: The mixture is unacceptable. We need to take the time to get
|    this right.
|    AGREED that we need to revise the definitions before release of
|    PRD3.
|    AGREED that this is a job for the content SCs.
|    ACTION: JB to ask SCs for a timeline.

What we need now from PSC and TSC is an estimate of when you believe
this review can be completed.  As a test, I revised definitions as
necessary in the first 60 lines of the common library; see attached (the
revised definitions are in a new column AG).  I think the various kinds
of repairs to be seen in this sample give a pretty good picture of
what's needed.  The work took a little over an hour, so call it 50 lines
an hour.

Please consider this in light of your schedule over the holidays and let
me know as soon as you can of an estimated date for delivery of the
revised model.

We did not discuss this in the TC calls, but it occurs to me now that it
might be best to convene a joint PSC/TSC meeting in January or February
for this purpose, or perhaps for the purpose of reviewing editorial work
undertaken by parallel teams before the meeting.  I would like to know
your thoughts on this.


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