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Subject: RE: [ubl-tsc] TSC Action Item followup from TC

Thank you Roberto for your comments. I like the idea of adding a BBIE in the
Status ABIE that allows a code with an entry of something like "This is a
cancellation of this containing document."
And do you know if EDIFACT has a cancellation message?

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From: Roberto Cisternino [mailto:roberto@javest.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 6:04 PM
To: Andrew M Schoka
Cc: 'Peter L. Borresen'; ubl-tsc@lists.oasis-open.org;
audun.vennesland@sintef.no; Tim McGrath; G. Ken Holman; bosak@pinax.com
Subject: Re: [ubl-tsc] TSC Action Item followup from TC

The invoicing process has the credit note for full/partial cancellation.

Let's say that a simple cancellation message is not sufficient for legal
documents if they have been already processed by the receiver.

The cancellation is quite common for:
- Bookings (not just in the shipping industry)
- Bill of Ladings
- Orders

In sectors like shipping/transport the "override" concept is often adopted
because the partial modification of a previous instruction/document is not
always a simple thing from the implementation point of view (so here I am
not talking about the message itself but how to process it once received).
The override is pratically used to cancel and substitute a previous message.

Maybe we could provide any UBL message with the possibility to "cancel" or
"override" the whole document or just a set of line items.

The Purchase Order can be used as a sample by inspecting the cac:LineItem
which offers a cbc:LineStatusCode.

Using its default UBL code list we can assert that the line status is: 
"Line has been cancelled".

See UBL 2.0 code list under cl/gc/default/LineStatusCode-2.0.gc

All UBL documents using the LineItem ABIE are ready for cancelling a set of
line items or even all of them.

Probably we could add a similar BIE on the document root named "StatusCode"
and pointing to a similar code list but for the whole document.

For instance: DocumentStatusCode-2.1.gc

Hope this helps,


> Peter,
> At the last TC call I got the action to provide TSC requirements for 
> cancellation.
> Within the UBL Transport domain there are two primary processes each 
> having a subset of Transport documents/messages.
> 1.       Intermodal Freight Management
> 2.       International Freight Management.
> Within the community employing Intermodal Freight Management messages, 
> the opinion is that message content drives the processes, not the 
> message as an entity.  While most of the message types in this domain 
> are queries regarding status (which would not really require 
> cancellation) the primary message is the Transport Execution Plan 
> (TEP). As a collaborative document, the TEP would cycle among 
> appropriate parties to finalize freight movement requirements.  If 
> cancellation were required it would most likely be enabled within a 
> cycle of the TEP and with a transport specific code type BBIE 
> containing a "cancelled" value embedded in the TEP.
> Within the community employing International Freight Management 
> documents/messages, the opinion is not as clear. There may well be a 
> requirement for cancellation, but only for specific message types.  
> Since there is a serial nature to the process and the 
> documents/messages employed, the first document in the series, the 
> Forwarding Instructions document/message, may well have to be 
> cancelled in particular circumstances.
> A question I might ask, "Does EDIFACT have cancellation messages?"
> I suggest that you explore with the PSC a possible  editorial note to 
> be included in the PRD03 text that addresses the subject of 
> cancellation and its implementation in a way the permits use if the 
> implementation of their processes see a need. I welcome the opportunity to
> I also encourage others reading this to offer an opinion.
> Regards,
> Andy Schoka

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