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Subject: TSCcardinalityIssues20121121.xls


As a followup to yesterday’s TC call I am sending the subset of entries within the TSC definition review that deal with cardinality. In many cases Jon asks the question: should this be 0..n? as it relates to Text type entries. During my discussion with Audun it also came up that perhaps all Text types needed to be 0..n to accommodate an entry in multiple languages.


Since this is the most time critical issue I ask that you scan this and offer some guidance. If there is agreement that all Text types should be 0..n, then shouldn’t this also apply to the PSC? Can we make a generalized change to edocreator that makes all Text type 0..1?


BTW, there are also some entries within that relate to unique entries that require more specific knowledge than I have. Could you also address these?







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