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Subject: Model changes for TSC regarding cardinality and errors

Beyond changing cardinality of  all type Text entries to 0.n which I assume Ken will do with a script, I list the other entities that require changing.



UBL Name                                           DEN                                                                                                                                                       Cardinality Change


RequiredCustomsID                       Goods Item, Required_CustomsIdentifier.Identifier                                                       0..n


TechnicalName                                 Hazardous Item.Technical_Name.Name                                                                                               0..n


ReferencedConsignmentID         Transport Equipment. Referenced_Consignment Identifier. Identifier                    0..n


ShipmentDocumentReference  Transport Equipment. Shipment_Document Reference. Document Reference   0..n


DEN of Status.Text has no UBL name (row 778 of Jon’s TSC analysis. Please remove entry


DEN  of SpecialTransportRequirements (row 813) has a misspelling in the term Requirements. Correct spelling.








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