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Subject: Transport definitions review



I have finally completed an initial full pass of Jon Bosak’s common lib definition review file regarding transport entities. I ask that you give this your utmost attention since the deadline set by the UBL TC is upon us. If you see anything that needs correction, please do so by 13 Dec 2012.


Given the magnitude of the file and the deadline set by the UBL TC, my primary focus was on the entries where Jon had put a question mark in Column D (New Definition) and some queries in Column H. I provided a limited response in Column I and an alternative definition in Column J. In many cases the alternative definition was simply a cut and paste of the original definition with some rewording/rephrasing. Where Jon deferred to the original definition in column C ie his definition in column D was blank, I too deferred any comments.  In cases where Jon asked if his interpretation was correct, I also reviewed those entries and generally agreed with his definition.


It would be best if any changes you suggest are put in Column M for me to review and integrate as appropriate into any definition/response.


A more comprehensive analysis for harmonization and alignment of the entities is a major undertaking regrettably will have to be addressed in a future release of UBL. At this point it is essential that the transport community make use of UBL and exercise the significant amount of new material dealing with transport. Feedback from that exercise will be invaluable in refining the concepts incorporated in this UBL Version 2.1.


Thanks to those of you who have already played a part in this review. I encourage all of you set aside some time to look at the attachment.





Andy Schoka

Transport SubCommittee Chair








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