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Subject: RE: Model changes for Transport


Thank you for your comments on the Model Changes for Transport. See my comments embedded below:




From: Audun Vennesland [mailto:Audun.Vennesland@sintef.no]
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 4:42 AM
To: Andrew M Schoka; UBL TransportSubCommittee
Cc: G. Ken Holman; Tim McGrath; Arianna Brutti
Subject: RE: Model changes for Transport


Hi Andy,


I have a few comments/questions:


I am a bit unsure of the Item. OriginAddress. Can an item really have multiple origin addresses?



*****AMS: As confirmed with Tim, yes there can be a combination of regions. However, it is already 0..n so not necessary to include as a change to the model.


I don't think we have ChangeRemarks in Transport Handling Unit. Is this a new BBIE?


****AMS: actually I miss identified it. Should be DamageRemarks and is already 0..n so also not necessary to include as a change to the model.



Regarding the Status. Text having no UBL name I guess we could remove it since we already have a Description. Text BBIE in Status.


*****AMS: Agree, will include in model changes as a removal.




Other than the above I think what you suggest is ok.


*****AMS:I am finalizing both the Model Changes and the definitions for Transport today so you may want to check that over to see if I made any mistakes.


*****AMS andy





From: Andrew M Schoka [mailto:AMSchoka@comcast.net]
Sent: 11. desember 2012 04:11
To: UBL TransportSubCommittee; Audun Vennesland
Cc: G. Ken Holman; Tim McGrath; Arianna Brutti
Subject: Model changes for Transport



Following an analysis of Jon Bosak’s  definition review file for common lib entities related to Transport, I propose the following changes be made by Arianna. The majority of these changes are change in cardinality for selected Text entities. This is to enable the inclusion of multiple languages as a textual _expression_ of the entity’s instance. Please review them at your earliest convenience and no later than 13 Dec 2012 so that the UBL TC can go forward with  the preparation of UBL 2.1 PRD3.




UBL Name                                           DEN                                                                                                                                                       Cardinality Change


Remarks                                              Certificate of Origin Application, Remarks, Text                                                                                                  0..n


SpecialTerms                                     Delivery Terms, Special_Terms, Text                                                                                                                       0..n


LossRisk                                               Delivery Terms, Special_Terms. Text                                                                                                                       0..n


Instructions                                        Despatch, Instructions, Text                                                                                                                                       0..n       


RequiredCustomsID                       Goods Item, Required_CustomsIdentifier.Identifier                                                                        0..n


AdditionalInformation                   Hazardous Item, Additional_Information, Text                                                                                                   0.n


TechnicalName                               Hazardous Item.Technical_Name.Name                                                                                                 0..n


AdditionalInformation                   Item, Additional_Information                                                                                                                                    0..n


OriginAddress                                   Item, Origin_Address                                                                                                                                                     0..n


Extension                                            Secondary Hazard, Extension, Text                                                                                                                          0..n


Information                                        Shipment, Information, Text                                                                                                                                      0..n


ReferencedConsignmentID         Transport Equipment. Referenced_Consignment Identifier. Identifier                                                   0..n


DamageRemarks                              Transport Handling Unit, Damage_Remarks, Text                                                                                             0..n


ShipmentDocumentReference  Transport Equipment. Shipment_Document Reference. Document Reference                                                  0..n


Description                                         Transport Event, Description, Text                                                                                                                           0..n


ChangeRemarks                               Transport Handling Unit, Damage_Remarks                                                                                                         0..n


TransportationServiceDescription            Transportation Service, Transportation Service Description, Text                                               0..n




DEN of Status.Text has no UBL name (row 778 of Jon’s TSC analysis. Please remove entry


DEN  of SpecialTransportRequirements (row 813) has a misspelling in the term Requirements. Correct spelling.



Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.






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