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Subject: RE: [ubl-tsc] Re: Model changes for Transport

Thanks for your effort in reviewing this. I agree with all your comments and
have annotated below.
Soon I will send you my proposed final Model changes for Transport as well
as my proposed final common library edit for TSC.


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Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 11:08 AM
To: UBL TransportSubCommittee; Audun.Vennesland@sintef.no
Subject: [ubl-tsc] Re: Model changes for Transport

Thanks for posting this, Andy!

I think the suggested changes for descriptions, extension, remarks, terms,
etc. are all appropriate for the reason of including their equivalents in
multiple languages.

At 2012-12-10 22:10 -0500, Andrew M Schoka wrote:
>Please review them at your earliest convenience and no later than 13 
>Dec 2012 so that the UBL TC can go forward with  the preparation of UBL 
>2.1 PRD3.

DEN: Goods Item. Required_ Customs Identifier.Identifier
- if Jon's suggestion that there exists a single identifier for a set of
tariff codes, then the cardinality shouldn't change
- if you have decided that "0..n" is appropriate for this, then the
definition should revert closer to the original, though the original
definition is in the plural and refers to a singleton concept that is
- original: Additional tariff codes required to specify a type of goods for
Customs, transport, statistical, or other regulatory purposes.
- proposed: Additional tariff code required to specify a type of goods for
Customs, transport, statistical, or other regulatory purposes.

*****AMS: Agree, also Tim has commented that it should be 0..1 and I tweaked
the definition slightly to reflect intent that it is one identifier for a
set of codes.

DEN: Hazardous Item. Technical_ Name. Name
- in column H it is asked "Just one hazardous substance per goods item?" but
that doesn't suggest that there exists more than one name for a single
hazardous item
- a name is a property of a single hazardous item ... if you need more than
one hazardous substance, this is not the place to use "0..n", it has to be
at a level "higher" in the model by repeating the ASBIE to Hazardous Item
- proposed: keep cardinality 0..1 unless it is necessary to express more
than one name for a given single hazardous item

*****AMS:agree to keep as 0..1 with slight tweak to the definition to
reflect better the situation.

DEN: Item. Origin_ Address
- this was already "0..n" in UBL 2.0 as "Item. Origin_ Address. Address"

*****AMS: agree, already 0..n so no change.

DEN: Transport Equipment. Referenced_Consignment Identifier. Identifier
- this change shouldn't be based on language but on the possibility that a
single instance of Transport Equipment needs multiple references to
consignments ... is that true?

*****AMS: agree, Tim also agrees that o..n is based on the possibility that
a single instance of Transport Equipemnt needs multiple refs to

>DEN of Status.Text has no UBL name (row 778 of Jon's TSC analysis. 
>Please remove entry

I am guessing this is an inadvertent corruption of the row in the
spreadsheet because UBL2.1PRD2 includes a "Status. Text" construct:


*****AMS: agree, this should be removed. Tim agrees.

>DEN  of SpecialTransportRequirements (row 813) has a misspelling in the 
>term Requirements. Correct spelling.

Well spotted.  But is this not also another candidate for "0..n"?  PRD2 has
it as "0..1" and the definition certainly implies that it is a prose field.
And as a field for prose, it should accommodate multiple languages:


I don't see it in your list of suggested changes for "0..n".

*****AMS: agree the spelling should be corrected and the cardinality made

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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