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Subject: VS: eCMR



Unfortunately I have overseen this reply from GS1 regarding eCMR. If any of you have time during the eastern, can you then have a look in order to verify if there are elements in this specification not present in the UBL waybill?


Best regards




Fra: Jaco Voorspuij <jaco.voorspuij@gs1.org>
Sendt: 19. marts 2020 07:33
Til: Peter Borresen | Chief Architect <plb@clearviewtrade.com>
Emne: RE: eCMR


Hi Peter,


For the moment there are two âstandardâ messages to use as basis for the PEPPOL work for an electronic waybill message:

  1. The UN/CEFACT messages for eCMR.
  2. The GS1 XML Transport Instruction


The UN/CEFACT one is quite basic (by design) and supports only the data elements and structures that you would also see on the paper version of the CMR.

More details on the UN/CEFACT message may be found here.

Transport & Logistics - eCMR

Electronic version of the road consignment note (eCMR)


The GS1 Transport Instruction may well be the most comprehensive, flexible and powerful message for exchange Waybill information (and Goods contents) in existence today. You may need some explanation to understand it well.
However the browseable version that I sent the link for generally helps people to get a basic understanding of the message.

The guideline I included the link for below also helps.


It also highlights that the Transport Instruction (TI) is part of a set of messages for Transport & Logistics.

You can find out more about this set on


Clearly I would be delighted to explain the TI (and linked messages) further.

GS1 also have offices in Copenhagen, so we could also establish contact more local to you.
Similarly we have offices in Helsinki in case we would need âboots on the groundâ for an implementation at the airport there.

The power of the TI may be illustrated by the fact that 3M uses it as the standard to communicate about transport and transport units (pallets, boxes etc) throughout their European Mix-Move-Match network.

That network is comprised of well over a dozen different carriers (including big names like DHL, CEVA, DSV, DPD) and handles over 25 million transport units per annum.


I am personally not familiar with adoption levels of the UN/CEFACT eCMR message.
My colleague from France is the true expert on this.
Happy to enquire further in case you would be interested.


Kind Regards,

Jaco Voorspuij


Jaco Voorspuij

D: +32 27 887 885

M: +32 497 587 986

E: jaco.voorspuij@gs1.org





From: Peter Borresen | Chief Architect <plb@clearviewtrade.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 3:16 PM
To: Jaco Voorspuij <
Subject: eCMR


Hi Jaco


In order to implement electronic waybill in Peppol, we would like to ensure that it complies with the eCMR. Do you have an example and a specification of the eCMR?


Best wishes,

Peter L. Borresen

Head of IT Development


Mobile: +45 42 50 23 90

E-mail: plb@clearviewtrade.com


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ClearView Trade, SkÃringvej 88, K1, 8250 Lystrup, Denmark 




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