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Subject: [ubl] Resolutions: TC membership, attendance, and quorums

Voting members of the UBL TC,

At the end of June, following discussions in our last TC meeting,
I proposed changes to our meeting structure that would deal with
the problem of achieving a quorum at face-to-face meetings of the
UBL TC and allow participation in TC plenary sessions by phone.


That proposal received one public comment:


I also received a couple of queries and helpful suggestions off
the list.

In preparation for our TC meeting 1-4 October 2002 in Burlington,
I've prepared the following formal language to implement the
changes we discussed earlier.  The basic ideas here can be summed
up as follows:

 - No more SC members who aren't TC members or prospective
   members.  Under the new rules, everyone who is now a voting
   member of a UBL SC but not a voting member of the UBL TC
   becomes a voting member of the TC.

 - To streamline the addition of TC members to subcommittees, they
   can now be appointed directly by the SC chairs without formal
   TC approval.  As before, however, removal of SC members
   requires an action of the TC unless they resign or they stop
   responding to email.

 - Whenever possible, a portion of each face-to-face TC meeting
   will be open to participation by phone, and such participation
   will count toward OASIS TC membership requirements.

 - The Chairs SC is authorized to handle meeting logistics in
   cases where the TC fails to achieve a quorum.  (This simply
   continues the rule we've adopted for the last couple of
   co-hosted meetings.)

A slightly different version of the language below was briefly
reviewed by the Chairs SC last week; this one incorporates their
comments.  Since we've been discussing this on and off for several
months, I'm going to consider it baked and submit it to you now
for your formal approval.

As usual, the way this works is as follows: you have five days
(until COB Saturday 21 September 2002) to register an objection.
If no objections are received by the end of that time, these
resolutions will be adopted by common consent.  If any objections
are received, then I will resubmit them for an email vote.

Jon Bosak



1. TC and subcommittee membership

   a. This resolution replaces the relevant provisions of previous
      resolutions concerning UBL TC and subcommittee membership.

   b. Persons eligible to participate in the UBL TC who apply for
      membership in a UBL subcommittee shall be assumed to have
      also applied at that time for membership in the TC.

   c. Persons who have been members of a UBL subcommittee for 60
      days or more when this resolution is approved but are not at
      that time members of the UBL TC shall be added to the TC
      membership immediately upon approval of this resolution.

   d. Nonvoting observers may be added to the UBL TC mailing list
      at the discretion of the TC chair or vice chair.  Nonvoting
      observers may be added to any UBL subcommittee mailing list
      at the discretion of the chair of that subcommittee.

   e. Prospective members of the TC shall be added to the TC
      mailing list as observers until their voting membership in
      the TC becomes effective.

	 [Editorial note: "Prospective member" is a formal name in
	 the OASIS TC process for someone who has applied for TC
	 membership but hasn't achieved voting membership yet.]

   f. Voting members of the UBL TC may become voting members of a
      UBL subcommittee at any time by applying to the chair of the
      subcommittee.  Subcommittee appointments made by
      subcommittee chairs become effective when the chair
      announces the addition of the new member to the TC.
      Subcommittee members may also be appointed by resolution of
      the TC.

   g. Voting members of a subcommittee may be removed from that
      subcommittee only by resignation or by resolution of the TC.
      Extended failure to respond to email queries from the
      subcommittee chair or TC chair shall be considered
      equivalent to resignation.

2. UBL TC meetings

   a. Whenever physically possible, a portion of each face-to-face
      UBL TC plenary opening session and closing session shall be
      conducted in a manner that allows distant voting members to
      participate by phone.  The presence of a voting member
      during the dial-in portion of a TC meeting shall be
      considered to satisfy the requirements of the OASIS TC
      process regarding meeting attendance.  A TC meeting that is
      quorate during the dial-in period shall be considered
      quorate for the duration of the call.  Observers shall be
      allowed to call in to TC meetings only by invitation of the
      TC chair or vice chair.

   b. When subcommittees are meeting between plenary sessions of a
      UBL TC meeting, and in any regularly scheduled and noticed
      but inquorate UBL TC meeting, the UBL Chairs Subcommittee
      shall be authorized to decide issues relating to meeting
      logistics.  If the Chairs Subcommittee fails to achieve a
      quorum, logistical decisions shall be made by the UBL TC
      chair or vice chair.

   c. The voting members assembled at a regularly scheduled and
      noticed but inquorate TC meeting shall be authorized to
      operate as an ad hoc subcommittee of the whole, chaired by
      the chair of the TC or, in his absence, the vice chair of
      the TC.

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