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Subject: [ubl] More info about Burlington F2F meeting

Folks-- Here is a little more information for those of you who are
making travel arrangements.

Basic data:

We will be meeting at Sun's Burlington facility, which is at 
1 Network Drive, Burlington, MA.  Our meeting room is Nathaniel
Hawthorne (our breakout rooms are similarly literary...).  If all
goes well, we will have computer projectors, easels, and power strips
available.  Note that network access will *not* be available for
non-Sun people; we're behind a firewall.


If you're staying at the Burlington Marriott and you're driving from
Logan (or need to give a cabbie some guidance), take 93N to 128S 
(also known as 95S), take exit 33B, Route 3A North, and go straight 
through the light at the end of the ramp.  The Marriott will appear 
immediately on your left.  The ride should take about 20-25 minutes
with no traffic, and a cab will cost ~$50 plus tip.  There are
shuttle options too.  The hotel's website is:


To get from the Marriott to the Sun facility, exit the parking lot
and turn left on Mall Road.  Take it to "the end" (it turns into
a different and smaller street once you're past Burlington Mall)
and turn right on Middlesex Turnpike; a Tower Records will be on
your near right at this intersection.  Continue for a mile or so,
going through a traffic light with a bank on the corner.  Soon
after, the road will bend left and turn into Network Drive.  You'll
see the Sun facility on your left; go to either Visitors' Parking
or the lot for Building 1.  Sun folks will be on duty between 8:30 
and 9am, getting people signed in and shuttling them to our meeting 
room.  If you get lost or need me at some other time, feel free to 
use my cell phone (781/883-5917).

If you happen to be going straight from Logan to Sun, take 93N to
128S to exit 32B, Middlesex Turnpike.  (Watch out for merging cars
on this exit road, which has two exits on it; you want the earlier
one.)  Turn right off the exit ramp onto the Turnpike; see just above 
for the rest of the directions.


If you happen to be coming in the previous weekend or staying the
following weekend, you will be here during leaf-peeping time.
Weather.com lists some "scenic drives" that might interest you, 
though be aware that the popular ones (like Kancamagus in NH) 
tend to be clogged with cars that time of year.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Eve Maler                                       +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                           cell +1 781 883 5917
XML Web Services / Industry Initiatives     eve.maler @ sun.com

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