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Subject: [ubl] Fwd: CEFACT correspondence

UBL members,

Correspondence between myself and Ray Walker et al. copied FYI

Jon Bosak


From: "Ray Walker" <raywalker@attglobal.net>
To: "Jon Bosak" <Jon.Bosak@sun.com>
Cc: "Ralph Berwanger" <rberwanger@bTrade.com>,
        "Klaus- Dieter Naujok" <klaus@naujok.name>,
        "Margaret Pemberton" <diskray@w150.aone.net.au>,
        "Sue Probert" <Sue.Probert@commerceone.com>
Subject: Our Team
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 20:17:18 +0200

Dear Jon,

Following discussions with the FCT and the CSG we have now
established a small team to progress the discussions regarding UBL
and UN/CEFACT. It is the Chairs of our new Trade & Business,
Techniques and Methodologies and Applied Technology, Groups (
Ralph, Klaus,and Margaret) plus Sue Probert and myself. However, I
am very keen to ensure that this does not become just a Jon- Ray
discussion and, therefore, I shall be grateful if you will copy
any mail regarding our proposal to all of our team. From our side
we shall, of course, be keeping in close touch with Melanie
McCarthy, Jamie Clark and other interested participants such as
Mike Adcock.

I hope the establishment of this team will allow us to progress
our discussions in a constructive and meaningful manner. From my
perspective the first key issue is getting a consensus among the
participants in our joint work that a convergence and unification
of their efforts is a goal they support. Having established that
we can move forward to discuss how the detail of how that might be
most effectively achieved with minimum disruption to the current
work. Subsequently we can look at the wider inter - organisational
issues between OASIS and UN/CEFACT.

Having established our team perhaps you could let us know who will
be in your team. When we have the two teams and to facilitate
communications between them maybe Karl Best could set -up a closed
list for the members of our teams.

We look forward to hearing from you

Ray Walker, Chairman UN/CEFACT Steering Group
<raywalker@attglobal.net>  WWW.uncefact.org
Mobile: +44 78666 86185; London: Voice: + 44 208 297 1836 Fax: + 44 208  297
Brussels: Voice & Fax: + 32 2 660 2039

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 21:33:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@sun.com>
To: raywalker@attglobal.net
CC: rberwanger@bTrade.com, klaus@naujok.name, diskray@w150.aone.net.au,
Subject: Re: Our Team

Hello Ray,

Thank you very much for your note regarding the team that's been
appointed to discuss the proposal for UBL/CEFACT unification.

Since the UBL TC will be meeting in person week after next (1-4
October), I think that the most efficient way to proceed will be
to appoint the UBL representatives to this discussion at that
meeting.  (I am not authorized to appoint committees on my own,
and under our rules, setting this up by email would take almost
the entire time between now and the meeting.)  This will also give
us a chance to consult with the TC members and gather their views
before entering into discussions.  I think we should aim to begin
those discussions immediately following the X12 meeting 7-11
October, i.e., the week of 14 October.  This will be the earliest
that all the principals are certain to be back from their travels
and ready to begin this dialogue in earnest.

Since we will have participants from Europe, Australia, and both
coasts of the U.S., I concur with your suggestion that the
discussion be carried out primarily by email, and I will take up
with Karl the idea of establishing a list for this purpose.

Best regards,


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